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I'm back and so is this beauty from The Body Shop

31 December 2013

So it's been a while since I last posted ... over a month in fact! That month has flown by so quickly though, I was busy at work and my spare time was spent doing Christmas shopping and general organisation as I was heading back up to my parents house for Christmas. This is the longest time I have had off work in absolutely ages so it had been really good to chill out and relax.

That being said...I'm back to blogging and I hope that in the New Year I will be able to keep it up pretty regularly.

I just had to do this quick post to let you know that one of my all time favourite body butters from The Body Shop is back in stores! This is the Almond Body Butter and it smells amazing! This is a product that has always been popular, but was discontinued from their permanent range a while ago. However they still bring it back once or twice a year for a limited time only which seems to send people into a buying frenzy. You will see people stocking up with multiple tubs of this stuff, myself included.

This time I restrained myself and only bought 2. I have been known in the past to buy 5 at a time, that being said I still have 1 in my cupboard from my last Almond Body Butter haul so 3 should last me until it graces the stores with its presence again.

Go grab yourselves some of this smells amazing and its only £5 in the sale at the moment instead of £13 so its an absolute bargain.

You can even find it online on The Body Shop's website here.

December Glamour issue + Kate Spade Nails Inc nail polish

20 November 2013

If you haven't already spied this I highly recommend buying this months Glamour magazine. The free gift with this months magazine is a Kate Spade Nails Inc nail polish, available in 4 different shades. The magazine is only £2 so I would suggest going out and buying 4 just to get one of each colour.

Currently I have New York Noir, but I plan on tracking down the other shades. These are a bright red (Big Apple Red), a silver (Soho Silver) and a gold (Uptown Glamour). It seems particularly hard to track down the gold and the silver in my local stores but they will be perfect for the festive season.

I went for the black one as the black nail polish that I currently own isn't very pigmented and requires so many coats to get it to a decent looking colour. I'd heard that these were very pigmented so this swayed my decision and I wasn't disappointed. You could get away with just one coat with this but for the best results apply 2.

What colour have you got your eye on? Or are you going to buy all 4, for £2 each you can't really go wrong. No other £2 nail polish will beat these in quality.

Hair Havoc

19 November 2013

The weather has been wreaking havoc with my hair lately, the weather and the heating system at work. I'm not sure what is causing it really but it has become quite dry at the ends, whilst still being greasy at the roots. Its a bit limp and lank and after an hour or so at work it has gone all static and fly away.

This sent me on a search for some new haircare products as the old ones obviously weren't having much of an effect. Or rather it was the lack of attention I had been paying to my hair as I have been so busy. Its literally been an express shampoo and conditioner then blasted with a hair dryer. I used to let my hair dry naturally but long gone are the days when I had time for that.

I've been staying true to my new favourite shampoo and conditioner combo the L'Oreal Paris EverPure Shampoo and Conditioner Colour Care and Volume, you can find my review here. Although I have used up a few sample sachets of the L'Oreal EverRiche Shampoo which I may have to buy next as it is more nourishing that the EverPure.

So onto the new products that I have been trying...

I am loving this intensive conditioner. It is specifically designed for fine hair so it won't weigh it down and make it all greasy. It smoothes the hair shaft to create super silky and soft hair. It really does work and I like to use it every 3 days or so as it's not too heavy. Its perfect for my rushed showers as well as you only have to leave it on for 60 seconds, instead of the usual 3-5 minutes that you usually leave an intensive conditioning treatment on for.

My split ends have been getting quite bad, I think this was due to the increase in heat that I have been using on my hair and my late-night laziness causing the heat protector spray to be missed out of my routine. This product came to my rescue and I am please to say that it has sorted out the ends of my hair. I'm not saying its perfect but they are so much better than they were a few weeks ago. This is a leave in treatment, so 2-3 pumps run through the lengths of damp hair and you're good to go and style as usual. This has helped to restore moisture into the lengths of my hair as well as smoothing and preventing any further damage.

There is currently a third off hair care products at Boots at the moment so that's an extra 1/3 off the prices shown here.

Next London Eau de Parfum

11 November 2013

I had a gift set of this range of pefumes (they come in London, Paris, Milan and New York) and I immediately loved the London one. Out of the four it is definitely my favourite one. To me it smelt very similar to Chloe by Chloe and I had to buy it in the full size as I ran out of the miniature pretty quickly.

To quote Next, "It is a fresh floral composition with citrus busts, evolving to a powdery musk base". 

I love the simple, clean packaging that it comes in and the little black and white bow on the box so cute. It makes it a little bit more special as well if you are giving it to someone as a gift *christmas present ideas*.

I spied that they do this scent in a candle and a reed diffuser too which I need to pick up for the bedroom. I absolutely love this scent. Get yourself to Next to check it out. At only £12 for the 100ml bottle and £8 for the 50ml bottle its a bargain.

New Boots for Winter.

10 November 2013

Baratts Chelsea Boots with Buckle Trim | £42
Deichmann 5th Avenue Ankle Boot | £29.99

I went to the Westfield to exchange a few basic tops in H&M and somehow ended up coming back with 2 new pairs of boots... oops! I did have a new paid of boots on my wishlist, but these were a black pair from River Island so I have no idea how I ended up with 2 brown pairs?

Since the weather turned I have been on the lookout for some heeled boots as I have a few pairs of flat boots and ones with a small chunky heel, but none with that heel size that can easily be dressed up or down. When I saw the first pair in Baratts I loved them immediately and when I tried them on they were so comfortably and fit perfectly I had to buy them. I'm a size 4 and half with fairly narrow feet and often I find it hard to find shoes that fit properly, so I go a bit mad when it comes to boots in a winter as a size 5 always seems to fit perfectly and if not I just add another pair of socks...sorted.

The Baratts pair aren't leather, but they are a really good quality pleather. The worn effect on the toes and the back of the boot really give them that higher end pleather look, as some cheaper options are a uniform colour and tend to look really plastic-like. The dark brown is a really classy option and seen as I already have a tan-brown pair of boots I made the excuse to myself that these are a totally different colour so it's fine to buy them. I really love the chunky heel, the elastic sides and the gold's the little details that matter.

The next pair are a suede leather...I don't have a pair of suede heeled boots, so there was my next excuse for myself to buy these less than half an hour after buying the Baratts pair. This pair is from Deichmann Shoes which I had previously associated with really cheap, bargain shoes, but after a quick browse they seemed to have a 'premium' brand in called 5th Avenue which obviously was still cheap for boots at £29.99 but the quality seemed far better than other brands in there. For starters the upper of these boots are real leather suede which for the price is brilliant. These came in 2 colour options, I went for the lighter shade, but they also came in a darker brown.

So I just have the black River Island boots to save up for now...but they are more expensive than these 2 put together so they might have to go on the Christmas list.

British Beauty Blogger Beauty Box

09 November 2013

I am so excited that this beauty box from British Beauty Blogger has arrived! In order to get my hands on one of these I got up mega early as they were going on sale at 7am...this was no mean feat as I had been at work till midnight the night before and didn't go to bed until 2am. 5 hours sleep that day was well worth it for all these goodies.

Obviously these sold out pretty quickly, but I just wanted to show you how amazing BBB's boxes are and to look our for more in the future. Also I will be throwing out reviews of these products in the coming weeks so I just wanted to let you know where they have come from.

At £27.95 (including the posting) I thought it was fairly good value, as there is just so much in there, 18 beauty items and also the mini British Stocking. Its also full of things that I will actually use... I was going to buy the Maybelline Rocket mascara anyways so getting it in the box was a bonus (its normally £7.99 on its own). I have the waterproof version and I love it so hopefully the regular version is just as good.

I also currently use the REN Glycolactic mask and Hydraluron in my skin care routine so I knew that I would use these products, I also really wanted to try the REN Invisible Pores Detox mask before committing to a larger version.

I have quite thin hair too so I can't wait to give the Bamboo volume 48 hour sustainable volume spray a Sunday is literally going to be a pampering day with my BBB box.

If you managed to get your hands on one what products are you loving from the BBB box?

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: Oil Free

Lately as the weather have changed I have found myself reaching for a different primer in the morning. I had previously been using the Body Shop's Tea Tree Pore Minimizer (review here) which blurs my pores away, matifies my skin and generally feels nice on my skin and soothes my blemishes but I thought that it was time to switch it up to something more nourishing.

The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, Oil Free has a different texture to other primers that I have used. It doesn't have a silicone feel to it like most, instead it has a calming and nourishing creamy texture yet it is still lightweight and oil free. I always look for oil free products as my skin is so prone to clogging and blemishes any way so I don't want to give it more of a reason to break out. 

The LM Oil Free primer really does create a smooth base for foundation. It makes foundation go on really flawlessly and prolongs the wear time of foundation. A claim on the LM website about this product it that it will also keep foundation colour-true for hours which I guess refers to foundations oxidising and going darker and more orange after a few hours which is an added bonus. None of the foundations that I currently use oxidise so I can't really comment on this.

The facts about this product that make it perfect for me are basically that it is oil free and non-comeodogenic. Coming in winter the added ingredients of  green tea extract, vitamins A, C and E and also cucumber help to soothe and feed my skin, which also keeping it refreshing and light. Its designed for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin so its perfect for me. 

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer- Oil Free is available at Space.NK for £28

What's your favourite Laura Mercier primer?

Tartan Scarves

08 November 2013

 Left to Right: Royal Stewart Tartan (eBay, £10.99), Double Sided Soft Checked Scarf (Zara, £19.99) and Red Tartan Scarf (Primark, £4)

This winter Tartan has made a huge revival and it's everywhere. A great way to add tartan into an outfit without going overboard is with a classic tartan scarf.

These 3 scarves seem to cover all of my needs this winter. The Stewart Tartan scarf is quite small and perfect to just sling on with a small jacket, its not a 'wrap around to keep warm' kind of's more decorative. It is however the stereotypical red tartan everyone thinks of when you say tartan.

The Zara double sided scarf has become my absolute favourite. Its huge! It's like a big soft blanket that wraps around and keeps you so snug and cosy. At £19.99 it may be more expensive than the other, but it is most definitely worth it. The muted green and burgundy tartan is perfect for autumn and yet turn it over and the black and white pattern means it is bound to go with everything.

The Primark scarf was more of a 'why not its so cheap' purchase. I like a red tartan and once I realised my scarf from eBay is tiny I wanted a larger, cosier scarf for winter. For the price this scarf is an absolute bargain. The only negative that I have found is that the material isn't the best and it just doesn't compare in softness and cosiness to the Zara scarf.

Spot Fighting Supreme | Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion

06 November 2013

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion is deemed as a bit of a cult classic in the beauty world. It is a fast acting spot treatment, specifically aimed at treating cystic blemishes. Over the past month it has been a complete miracle worker. Okay, so it hasn't completed cleared up all my blemishes, but these things take time.

The Buffering Lotion had the most profound effect on my cystic blemishes (those red, under the skin bumps that just won't go away and are so painful). The morning after using the Buffering Lotion they were noticeably less red, less inflamed and the pain had basically gone. 

The lotion is sulphur based which is quickly absorbed, getting to the root of the blemishes. Other ingredients then include Allantoin to calm and soothe and healing ingredients to promote tissue regrowth. 

If you've tried everything under the sun on your blemishes and nothing is working, give this a go, you will not be disappointed.

You can buy Mario Badescu products from, you can find the Buffering Lotion here for £15.95.

Space.NK Christmas 2013 | Wishlist

05 November 2013

I was so excited to see a Space.NK Christmas 2013 catalogue in my post box on Saturday. I immediately had a quick flick through it, then continued to pour over it on the tube journey into town. By the time I reached my destination I had my wishlist completed visible by the many corners of pages turned down in the catalogue.

Here are a few of the things on my wishlist:

Diptyque Winter Fragrances Candle Set, £60 | Nothing says Christmas like cosying up in the warmth with some festive smelling candles. For me the scents of Christmas spices in the air just reminds of being at home at my parents for the festive season. Seen as this is on my wishlist for now I am having to make do with an Air Wick Touch of Luxury Reed diffuser in the scent Mulled Wine & Cinnamon Apple which is currently half price at Tesco.

This Works Sleep Dream Team, £10 | This makes for a great little stocking filler for only £10. There is a mini pillow spray with essential oils that aids relaxation and a mini rollerball that encourages clearer breathing and deeper sleep. This is perfect for the holiday season, as after a stressful journey home (it always is...every year- crammed trains, delays etc) I want to relax as soon as possible and get into the festive mood. Then after all the partying, socialising and late nights a good nights sleep will be needed.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, £56 | Of course this beauty has to make it onto my wishlist. It's a little too pricey for me to just head out and buy right now, but its something that it really need to get my hands on. Hopefully Santa will be taking a trip to Space.NK this Christmas.

Ren Radiance Kit, £32 | This isn't in the Christmas gift guide, but its an online exclusive for Space.NK. I love the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask and I currently have a small tester of the Micro Polish cleanser that I am trying.I really want to try the AHA resurfacing concentrate as I have acne scars and pigmentation which I've heard that it is good for. Basically I'm sure that my face will need some added radiance over the festive season and this kit has it covered.

What's on your wishlist from Space.NK this Christmas?