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Colours of the Rainbow: Sephora Colour Pop-up Store Makeup Palette

09 August 2013

Check out this beauty... The Sephora Colour Pop-up Store

It's hard to believe that this small black and white box opens up to reveal so many different colourful products. 

The first stage opens up to reveal a selection of eye shadows on the left and lip glosses on the right. 

The colours are highly pigmented and good quality which I expected from Sephora. Some of the combo palettes that you buy often don't seem to have a 'quality' product in them, but that isn't the case with this one.

From each side 4 drawers pull out and create a step effect on each side. In the centre there is a lift up mirror, which opens up to reveal an array of nude shades and make up applicators.

Shown here are the '3 in 1' creams, blushes and lipglosses.

Shown here are the cream eye liners, highlighters, eye top coats and eye shadows
  • 64 Eye shadows (22 neutral) (matte and shimmer)
  • 48 Lipglosses
  • 12 Creme eye liners
  • 6 Eye top coats
  • 6 Lip top coats
  • 6 '3 in1' eye, lip and cheek creams
  • 3 Highlighters
  • 3 Blushers

That's a whole lot packed into this little box.

The eye top coats are good for creating a different look with the other eye shadows, they add more of a shimmer for a different effect.  This is the same with the lip top coats, they add a bit of glitter or shimmer to other lip glosses.

Overall this is a great buy or present for a make up beginner or someone who is more experienced. I highly recommend those of you who are going on holiday in Europe soon to keep an eye out for a Sephora store as I couldn't find this on the Sephora France website that delivers to the UK and on ebay the prices are pretty crazy for the few that are on there!

However I did manage to find a few of the other palettes online that I considered buying instead. These are the Sephora Artist Colour Box palette and the Sephora Smoky Studio 2 which I particularly liked due to the small travel palette that you could put the colours into for touch-ups on the go, or for travelling.

Let me know what you think of the Sephora Colour Pop-up Store Palette.

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