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Create your own unique palette: FASHIONISTA Custom Palette from MUA

16 August 2013

Yesterday my Fashionista Custom Palette and inserts arrived. I ordered my palette off the MUA website a few days ago as they are currently having a sale and I just couldn't resist!

I chose the Fashionista 6 well-palette which is currently £3.00 in the MUA sale, but normally it is only £6.00 which is still a great price. Alternatively Fashionista items are available from you local Superdrug stores and online

I decided on the 6 well-palette as I wanted to have 2 eyeshadows, 2 blushers and 2 bronzers but you can fill your palette with whatever you like. Heck, you can even have a palette full of each at the current price! Currently the single pots are just £1.65 on the MUA website (less than half of the regular price of £4) and these can be used on their own, or they can be popped out of their individual packaging and into either a 4 or 6 well palette. This is something that I love about them as I can swap and change my palette depending on where I'm going and what look I want on a specific day, so I will definitely be buying some more individual pots of different colours and shades so that I can do this.

 So here's the low down on the shades that I chose...


  • Blusher in Juicy Apricot is a bright pink blusher with a slight shimmer through it. I was slightly disappointed with this as I was expecting something that was more peachy/orange in colour due to the 'Apricot' in the name.
  • Blusher in Butterscotch is a perfect everyday blusher, particularly for those of us with pale skin. It is a dusty rose pink colour that looks very natural when applied and blended.
  • Bronzer in LA is a matte bronzer that is fairly pale and ideal for fair skintones. It blends well to give a natural sunkissed look on paler skin. You'll know I love a matte texture in a bronzer if you've checked out my Summer Favourites post, so I was pleased when I saw the LA Bronzer was also matte.
  • Bronzer in Rome is a bronzer with a bit of shimmer if the matte texture isn't your thing,and again its a great colour for pale skintones. I chose to have a matte and a shimmer bronzer in my palette as I prefer the matte texture during the day, but during the evening or on holiday I can mix things up a bit with some shimmer.

From left to right: Exclusive collection, Radiant, Butterscotch, Juicy Apricot, Rome and LA

So if you want to create your own personal customised palette head on over to MUA today while the sale is still on!

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