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My Morning Skincare Routine

30 August 2013

This is currently what my morning skincare routine looks like.

First up is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Limited Edition version which is available on the Liz Earle website as of yesterday, it is £19.75 for 150ml and comes with 2 muslin clothes. I have been using this for just over a week now and I love it! Check out my review post of it here, and my 1 week updated review here. I'll say no more about it as you can read my views via the links.

The next step in my skincare routine is the Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner. I have quite oily, sensitive skin and so I want a gentle, alcohol free toner and this one does the trick.

After ensuring that my skin is thoroughly cleansed I like to use a serum. Currently I am using The Body Shop's Aloe Protective Serum which is perfect for sensitive skin. It is gentle, whilst hydrating and just makes my moisturiser seem to sink into my skin better.

Next up are the moisturisers, currently I am using two different ones. I use The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion which is a lightweight gel with spot-fighting ingredients in it and I find the gel formula really refreshing. I then use the Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Pore Refining day cream with SPF 15. I find that if I just use the Tea Tree Lotion by itself my make-up just doesn't apply as well and it can go a bit cakey which I think is because the Tea Tree Lotion isn't that moisturising. The Nivea Q10 Pore Refining cream is perfect for those of us normal to combination skin as it is non-greasy, it helps to reduce the appearance of pores and it is an anti-wrinkle cream too, as its never too early to start preventing wrinkles. It also has SPF 15 which is something that the Tea Tree lotion doesn't have. The Nivea Q10 cream makes my skin so soft and really even out the complexion which makes applying make-up on top of it a dream. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for an anti-ageing moisturiser for combination skin!

I then like to use the Tea Tree Pore Minimising primer to make sure that my make-up stays put all day and shine is kept at bay for as long as possible. Sometimes I can be out of the house for up to 16 hours so I want to make sure I look presentable for as long as possible. You can find my full review on this product here.

And not forgetting about the eyes... I use The Body Shop's Aloe Eye Defence for sensitive skin as I previously have found anti-wrinkle eye creams to be too harsh for the skin around my eyes. This Aloe Eye Defence has been perfect for the summer months but I feel that I might need something a bit more moisturising, yet gentle for the colder months. If anyone has any suggestions for a hydrating eye cream for sensitive skin then please let me know in the comments below.

So there it is... a whole lot of Body Shop products! I am going to be doing an Evening Skincare post so keep an eye out for that.

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