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Review: Look Beauty Pro Palette, Cheeky Trio and Lip Smoothie!

11 August 2013

Here are a few Look Beauty products that I ordered before I went away on holiday a few weeks ago now. Sadly I didn't get to take them on holiday with me as they never arrived on time. This isn't Look's fault however, the parcel had arrived but the concierge in my building had failed to tell me that a parcel had come for me!

So a few weeks later I got my hands on these and now I'm ready to give you a review of them all.

 First up is the Look Beauty Pro Palette. This caught my eye as it is in fact 3 smaller palettes that can be used in a smaller on-the-go palette so I can take it with me when I head out for the day.

So here as you can see there are the 3 different colour palettes, they are called (from left to right) Metallic Nudes, Glitzy and 60's Trend and on the right is the removable travel palette. Both the large palette and the travel palette have handy mirrors inside and the travel palette also comes with mini make up applicators.

Out of all of the mini palettes, I think I will get the most use out of the Metallic Nudes one on a day to day basis, but the other 2 have some great colour combinations in them. These brighter colours would be great for putting in the travel palette for if I was heading out straight after work or something and needed a quick update to my day-time make up.

This palette is currently half price (£7.50) here.

Next up...we have the Look Beauty Cheeky Trio in Peach Melba. I love this palette! I was really hoping that this had come in time for me to take on holiday as it is perfect for travelling with the bronzer, blusher and highlighter coming in one sleek package.

What I particularly liked was that on the back was a some brief instructions on how to get the best look from this product.

When I bought this on the website it looked to be the lightest out of the 3 palette colours that they do, however once it arrived it says on the back "Best for... Medium Skintones" which made me slightly disappointed at first as I didn't think the colours would be right for my pale skin at all but I was wrong.

The bronzer is a good matte bronzer, the blusher in this palette is a pretty rosy pink which is a colour that I quite like on my pale skin tone, but I know that it isn't the blusher colour of choice for everyone.

When the colours were swatched as you can see above they might look quite dark, but once they were blended in and applied with a brush they were a great match for my skin tone, particularly now during the Summer months. However I do want to try the Cheeky Trio in Candyfloss which I now know to be the palette for pale skin tones. 

The Cheeky Trio palettes are available here and they are currently half price at £4!

And finally, a product that I have been looking for a version of for a while now. Many years ago I used to have a lip smoothing stick, like a lip balm with exfoliating particles in it and I have been looking for something similar for a while now. Then I saw this on the Look Beauty website whilst I was buying the other products I have mentioned and I thought I have to have this!

It comes in a tube like a lip gloss, except it is a gel with exfoliating particles in that you massage into your lips and then remove with a tissue. The gel also has a minty flavour which is claimed to have a mild lip pumping effect but this wasn't something that I particularly noticed.

This gel is currently half price at £2.50 here on the Look Beauty website.

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