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My favourite foundation! The Revlon ColorStay Foundation

25 August 2013

The Revlon ColorStay is one of my favourite foundations! I recently rediscovered it after a summer of wearing BB creams and tinted moisturisers. Revlon make the ColorStay foundation in 2 formulas, one for Normal/Dry skin and another for Combination/Oily skin, which is the one that I have.

Both of the formulas are oil free but I think that the combination/oily one is better designed to control shine. The foundation promises to wear for 16 hours and it certainly does last all day while I am out at work. I have two shades of the foundation, the lightest two that they do. I was surprised at how light these shades are as sometimes foundations don't seem to be light enough for me and make me look orange.

I have 110 Ivory and 150 Buff. The Ivory shade contains SPF 15 and the Buff only contains SPF 6 for some reason which I am not very pleased with seen as I use the Buff shade more often but I wear a separate moisturiser with SPF anyways so it is not a major problem. I sense maybe that newer versions of this product may have the SPF 15 in as the Ivory shade is slightly newer than the Buff one.

Both of these are very light tones but as you can see from the photos the Ivory one is a more pinky shade. Sometimes I mix the two to get the right shade for my skin. I'd highly recommend buying two similar shades and doing this to get it right for your skin.

This foundation is amazing at controlling shine, it lasts all day and provides great coverage. Rarely do I have to wear concealer on blemishes and red areas once I am wearing this foundation as its coverage is excellent.

I'm so glad that this foundation has made a reappearance out of my makeup bag after a hot and sweaty summer of battling with BB creams, tinted moisturisers and a shiny t-zone.

You can buy the Revlon ColorStay foundation here for Oily/Combination skin and here for Normal/Dry skin. Its £12.49 which I think is an average price to pay as it is a large bottle and it really does last a long time.

What foundations do you love?

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