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The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Detangling Spray for Coloured Hair

22 August 2013

This is basically a spray in Leave-in conditioner that promises to add shine, soften and protect coloured hair.

So I've been using this for about a week now. I've been using it everyday on freshly washed hair and it definitely detangles my long, fine hair really well. It make combing through my hair way easier compared to if I hadn't used any product at all.

That being said I normally use the Aussie Hair Luscious Long Leave-in conditioner spray, £4.99 which detangles my hair beautifully and smells absolutely divine.Who else loves how great the Aussie products smell? Sorry, I got a bit distracted there as I had to go find my Aussie Leave-in spray and just had to keep smelling it! But don't worry The Body Shop's offering has just as an amazing smell.

The one bonus of the Rainforest radiance detangler over the Aussie one is that it really does make your hair shiny and vibrant. I think that the difference is that the Aussie one is designed purely for long hair and it treats long hair wonderfully, but the Body Shop one is made for coloured hair so it really does have the extra edge over the Aussie one for me purely because of this. I love my hair to be super shiny and the Rainforest Radiance detangling spray delivers on this.

Rarely do I find a product that is suitable for both long and coloured hair all in one so I am loving this product!

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