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Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Care and Night moisturisers.

30 September 2013

My skin has been getting worse and worse lately and if you didn't already know that where have you been? I've posted about it enough. After trying the Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 cleanser, scrub and mask (click here to read my review) and loving it I decided to give a few other products in the Vichy Normaderm range a go.

I opted for a day and a night moisturiser in my desperation to fix my skin. I have not used a moisturiser for acne prone skin in a long time (except my tea tree range from The Body Shop) and I haven't really changed up my moisturising routine in a while. I generally swap and change between a range of products for normal/oily (Olay Essentials Complete Care  Moisturising Fluid SPF15, Olay Essential Complete Care plus Multiradiance SPF) and normal/combination skin (Nivea Daily Essentials Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Pore Refining Day Cream SPF15).

This time I was desperate to fix my skin so I went for a day and night moisturiser specifically designed for the problems that I was having. I went for the Normaderm Hydrating Care which promises to target the 6 concerns associated with blemish prone skin. These are blemishes, pores, shine, oily skin, marks and an uneven complexion. Although to me shine and oily skin are the same thing, the oily skin causes the shine, and then marks, these are what contribute to an uneven complexion. So its more like 4 problems. The moisturiser is hypoallergenic, paraben free and non comeodogeic and its active ingredients are LHA (which is basically a derivative of salicylic acid), Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid. So there are a whole lot of spot fighting ingredients in there. After a few days I didn't see any difference, in fact they seemed to be getting worse. I haven't used a proper mattifying moisturiser in years and I really didn't like it. Makeup didn't seem to sit well on top of it and it just made my makeup go a bit cakey as the Hydrating care made my skin a bit tacky. I stopped using it within a week as I wanted my makeup to just glide on. I'm going to keep it in my stash though for those days when my skin has recovered and I don't need to wear too much makeup.

The night moisturiser is the Normaderm Night, targets the pores. Basically our pores go into overdrive at night and they swell, meaning they are more dilated and more visible. The Normaderm Night promises to enter each and every pore in order to limit their over-activity while the active ingredient Zincadine A creates a new epidermis (layer of skin) and re-contracts the pores. This would basically cleanse the pores and even out the skin tone. In 4 weeks this promises regular, refined, almost invisible pores.... that is still to be tested. Like with the day moisturiser I stopped using this within the week. I have no specific problems with this moisturiser but I decided to strip my skincare routine right back in order to get rid of these blemishes once and for all. I might re-try this moisturiser when I've got rid of the big, red painful blemishes and my pores are my only concern.

I bought the Vichy moisturisers from my local Boots, but you can also find them online at or via

Have you tried the Vichy Normaderm range? What do you think?

MRP Competition | Win a years supply of clothes

29 September 2013

MRP is a brand that I have only recently discovered. They are the South African equivalent of Primark, but they are cheaper! We've all noticed it, the once really cheap Primark has slowly increased their prices over the years, and even though they're still cheaper than most other high street stores they're not like the prices that they used to be.

Enter MRP... this clothing brand ships to the UK for just £4, probably the same as your bus/tube fair to and from Primark.

I've been having a thorough browse of their website and there are so many great pieces that are currently being added to my shopping basket as we speak. Here's a sneak peek at them.


Admittedly many of the items on the website still seem to be summer related for us in the UK, so this site would be great to use next year to stock up on your summer wardrobe. There are great sandals, sun dresses and maxi dresses. The black and white dress above I really want now for autumn, but it seems to have proven really popular and it is currently sold out in most sizes!

Now on to the competition part... Click here to win a years supply of clothes from MRP. The closing date is the 25th November. Winners will be notified on the 26th November.

Rosehip Oil | What do you think?

26 September 2013

Ah...Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil you have been the bane of my existence the past few weeks! I'd read so many great reviews of this and it had helped so many people get a bit of radiance back into their skin whilst helping to heal scars and marks I thought that it would be perfect for me.

So I jumped on the Rosehip Oil bandwagon feet first, ordered this, and immediately slathered it on when it got here. The morning after I was so surprised, my skin was so soft and radiant and it looked great. So that evening I mixed a few drops in with my moisturiser and applied it again. That was where my love affair with it stopped. I woke up the day after with loads of clogged pores on my jawline, I had a few inflamed red spots that had appeared overnight. It was a nightmare! 

I only used this product for 2 day as I then went on to discover that this product despite being good for acne scarring it can cause congestion and clog pores!! Brilliant. For the past 2 weeks since trying this I have been battling with the worst skin I've had in years. I have loads of red, angry inflamed spots around my jawline, on my cheeks and one on my forehead, and then there are loads of tiny white blocked pores topped off with red scarring left from the spots as the start to subside. Although more seem to be popping up everyday.

I've not had really red inflamed acne in years, bar the odd spot now and again, its usually just been small whiteheads and blackheads so this is just weird. I blame the Rosehip oil fully! Now I can't seem to get my skin back to how it was and its getting really frustrating.

That being said the Rosehip oil makes your skin so soft and I have continued to use it in small amounts under my eyes where my skin gets really dehydrated and fine lines start to form. For this it is great, which goes to show that for anyone who isn't blemish prone this could be a great oil for your face.

I have also used it on a scar on my foot that I've had for about 2 months now. The cut was only a minor shaving cut that I've had for about 2 months now and the scar just seemed to be a purply-brown mark that wasn't going anywhere. With the first use of the rosehip oil the colour seemed to fade quite dramatically and it really is improving in appearance. I just wish the skin on my face wasn't so sensitive to products!

This was my first experience with oil and it has totally put me off from trying any other, as it has brought me out in these crazy deep, red inflamed spots. Has anyone tried a good oil for blemish prone/oily skin?

You can find the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil on the Escentual website for only 11.75 for a 20ml bottle. I'd try the smaller bottle first before splurging on the larger one. 

Have you tried Rosehip Oil? Have you had good or bad experiences with it? Also does anyone have any suggestions to get my skin back under control!?

Limited Edition Vineyard Peach range at The Body Shop | Smells amazing!

24 September 2013

The Limited Edition Vineyard Peach range from The Body Shop smells amaaaaazing! As soon as I opened the tub I was reminded of Peach Loops sweets that I used to eat as a kid. Did anyone else love those? This range comes in a shower gel, scrub, body butter, body lotion and a lip gloss. I decided to go for the body scrub as lets face it my bathroom cabinet it overflowing with body butters of various scents... I really do not need another no matter how good it smells.

This body scrub gently buffs away dead skin cells and leaves you smelling amazing. The smell managed to linger around for quite a while after I had washed it off. This would be a great range to layer the scent with, using the shower gel, scrub and the butter or lotion would really give the sweet fragrance some staying power.

It definitely made my skin feel softer and smoother and this huge tub is going to last a long time.

In case I haven't said it really does smell amazing. It smells so good that you could eat it, it really does. Look on the bottom The Body Shop have had to remind us that this product is 'unfit for consumption'. Brilliant. If you don't believe me head into your local store and smell it for yourself. You'll be hooked.

The Vineyard Peach Scrub is also available through for £12.50. Currently online there are loads of great deals. You can get 40% off and a free gift with orders over £5. You can choose from the Hemp Hand Protector, a Shea Body Butter or a Vitamin E Moisture Cream...all full size! I think I'll be ordering some more of the Peach range and I might even give the new Honey range a go.

A recent discovery...the Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 cleanser

23 September 2013

My skin is quite is a mixture, it's oily in places and then sometimes it's dry and its all congested and at the minute there are quite a few inflamed spots. It's been a nightmare recently. After much research online I have discovered the Vichy Normaderm range which is for sensitive acne prone skin which sounds perfect for me!

My first purchase from the range is the 3 in 1 Cleanser, Scrub and Mask. This multi-purpose product promises to mattify, clarify, unclog and to eliminate sebum and impurities. That's a whole lot for one product, and its suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

The texture is very much like a thin clay mask. I really like the clay texture as a cleanser as it does make your skin feel really clean and its not drying like some of the foam cleansers can be. The little exfoliating beads in it are very gentle, so if you're looking for a heavy duty exfoliator then this not be for you but its great for those of us with sensitive skin.

What I like about this is that you can use it as a cleanser, scrub or mask, so when I go away I only need one product with me which saves on space. I really like using this as a mask as it smooths on really easily, dries quickly and it is easily removed as you're not left scrubbing it off for ages. I find it best if you leave it to dry then add a little water to your face as rub the mask in to get the most out of the exfoliating action that it offers and rinse off any excess with a warm, soft cloth.

I find that it has an instant mattifying effect, its fairly gentle on the skin and leaves your skin with a bit of a glow after it is used as a mask.

I ordered the Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 cleanser from Escentuals website for £9.75 but you can find it at Boots for £11.00 or if you're lucky enough to live near a large Boots store you can find it in the skincare aisle.

I've recently purchases a few more items from the Vichy Normaderm range to try so I'll let you know how I get on with them soon.

Winter Coats | Which one to buy??

19 September 2013

I'm on the lookout for a new winter coat this year. Last year I made a few bad purchases regarding winter coats, a snap decision in H&M resulting in a poorly fitting coat, and a gorgeous coat in Next that turned out to be the thinnest, badly made duffle coat in reality (I managed to rip an 8 inch gash in the fabric where the arm meets the body of the coat just by stretching). It was badly made and I probably should have bought a size up to account for the crazy amount of layers I would be wearing underneath it.

One gorgeous purchase that I did make was a cream FCUK coat with a cream faux fur collar. It truly is gorgeous but it has been resigned to special occasion wear as it really isn't practical for grubby public transport in London.

This year I am vowing to be more sensible in my winter coat purchases. This week I have sold on Ebay 3 black winter coats that were getting a bit snug and would not fit a cosy jumper underneath any more so I was on the lookout for a new black coat. Yep I though I would be practical, but then I began browsing and the whole black thing flew out of the window. I want something that is warm and cosy, but still a bit stylish, and something I'm going to be able to wear with anything. Here are a few different coats that I am pondering over... I'm going to take a trip into Oxford Street and try loads of different ones on in the next week I think before I buy one. I don't want to end up with a thin, flimsy material coat like last year.

I love the look of this Aztec Coat, its a great coat for an everyday, casual outfit but I'd like to buy a coat that I can dress up also, particularly if I am paying nearly £100 for it. 

The Officer Trent coat appears to be a more versatile coat and depending upon the material that it's made out of, I would seriously consider buying this, purely because of the price. But like I said it depends on the quality of the material. 

The boucle wool coat looks gorgeous and again one I'd seriously consider if I wasn't looking for a versatile coat that would go with everything. If there was already a plain coat hanging in my wardrobe ready to wear this year then I would of bought this one as a statement piece, but like I said none of my black coats fit any more.

Now this warehouse coat is a lovely coat. I love the colouring, its dark and simple but not too plain.I really like the faux fur collar too as one of my old favourite coats had a fur collar and it was so cosy in a winter and you didn't have to wear a scarf all the time as it kept your neck really warm. The clean simple lines looks really stylish, this is one I'll be definitely checking out when I hit the shops.

I initially loved this check coat when I was putting this post together but I've read a few reviews saying the material is poor quality, its quite thin and the arms are quite slim fitting (reminds me of a certain Next duffle coat I mentioned). 

The Zara two-sided favourite of the bunch for warmth and cosyness I have to say. It has a warm fluffy lining, and not just in the body like some coats, the whole sleeves and hood are lined with it too. This comes in navy and grey, but I'm swayed more towards the grey one as I wear black a lot, and grey would be easier to wear with black. If only this coat came in would be perfect!

7. Zara Basic Wool Coat, £59.99 | 8. Oasis Salt and Pepper Biker Coat, £100 | 9. M&S Collection Textured Faux Fur Coat, £85

I wanted to include a nice black, basic coat and I'm sure that this one from Zara would be a really good quality coat. It looks far more flattering when you see it on the model, click the link to see the image. This would be a wardrobe staple for years, like my other trusty black coats have been.

This salt and pepper biker coat from Oasis is a really simple, take on the biker style coat. Its a nice coat, but I'm not mega drawn to it like some of the others...maybe the price tag has something to do with it.

And finally, the faux fur coat. This seems to have already sold out online. It seems to flit in and out of stock in different sizes so you'll be lucky to get it online unless they replenish the stock. I'm hoping a store will have it in when I head to the shops this week so that I can check it out. This is another one that look better on the model on the online photo so I really want to track one down to try on.

When the time comes, if I can afford it there will be a new casual coat and possibly another smarter black coat.

What coats are your favourite? I think mine are 6 for cosy and casual and 4 and 9 for something a bit smarter.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Limited Edition | 1 Month Update

17 September 2013

I've been using the Limited Edition Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser from Liz Earle for about a month now and I absolutely love it!

I used to use the Liz Earle cleanse, tone and moisturise system years ago when my skin was at its worst. The Liz Earle products are so gentle on your skin and they just feel really amazing when you apply them. Having quite oily and spot prone skin rarely do I use a product that is so creamy and soft in texture. Normally they would be full of oils and ingredients that would break me out, but not the Liz Earle C&P. The Liz Earle C&P is suitable for all skin types and all ages and provides effective yet gentle cleansing.

I love using the C&P as the first step in my cleansing routine in the evening. It melts make-up away, even mascara and it just feels so nice rubbing this creamy product into your skin knowing its not going to break you out in to a million spots. 

So far I have been using this at least once a day, usually twice a day for a whole month and there is still loads left. The pump top ensures that you easily dispense just the right amount of product, I usually use one pump, but sometimes for stubborn eye make-up I'll use one on my face and another pump for my eyes. 

This is now sold out on the Liz Earle website as it was a Limited Edition product, but you can still find the original Cleanse and Polish Hot cloth cleanser here. You can get the 50ml start kit (which includes 2 Muslin cloths for only £9.25). You can also find this in 100ml and 200ml version but the 50ml size is great if you're not sure about it and you just want to give it a try before committing to a larger size product. Although I can guarantee you will love it and want to buy one of the larger versions!

What's in my bag | #1

So, here it is, my first ever 'What's in my bag' post. I've been keeping it pretty minimal recently, during those few weeks of sweltering heat in London I was carrying around deodorant, a full make up kit, perfume, dry shampoo, a mini sun tan lotion, a bottle of water, basically anything that I could cram into my bag. So now my shoulder is thanking me for keeping it minimal.

Purse: Ollie & Nic, £60, you can find similar ones here as I bought mine last year from the store at Westfield, Stratford. You should check them out as they do really nice leather bags and purses. 

Travel Phone Charger: I bought this on the plane to Italy, it was roughly £20 and it has been a life saviour. Working long hours and often late nights my phone tends to run out of battery by the end of the evening so this just gives my phone the little boost of battery power that I need until I get home. This comes with loads of different adapters and I can use it to charge my camera, kindle, ipod...basically everything.

This is the one I have, the Veo Power Bank which is only £7.99 on Amazon now. Far cheaper than I paid for mine!

Here are a few other versions:
Duracell 5 hour portable charger, £29.99 (This one looks really good if you want to splash out some money and you're guaranteed good quality with a well known brand)

Brush: Denman Hairbrush Compact, £3.29 This really handy brush has a mirror inside for touch ups on the go and it all folds away into a tiny little compact perfect even for some of the smallest clutch bags. I have long hair that's gets knotted so easily so this is a real life saver.

Lip Balm: Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips, £1.99 There's always a tub of lip balm floating around in my bag, and the one currently residing in there is the Vaselin Rosy Lips. Its just like normal Vaseline but leaves you with a subtle pink tint.

Kindle: I have the Kindle Touch which I don't think you can buy any more on Amazon, but their basic Kindle is now only £69. I am so glad that I bought my Kindle as I spend hours of my time on the tube each week and reading a good book makes it a bit more bearable. Buying the Kindle has definitely make me read more as it is so easy to carry it around with you, and its so easy to use. You can literally be reading a book within seconds of finding it on the Amazon store.

Umbrella: With the unpredictable UK weather I always carry an umbrella with me. This tiny umbrella folds down so small, and it is really light so its great to just carry around with me all the time. I think it was from Primark months ago and it has a really cool black and white aztec design. Its always nice to have a bright, patterned umbrella to brighten things up a bit when the day is dull and grey.

Tissues: This is just something that I always like to carry around with me as you can always guarantee when you need a tissue you never have one. 

Notebook and Pens: Martha Stewart Home Office Spiral Notebook from Staples, £2.68 I was slightly confused when I purchased this on the Staples website as it states that there are 3 colours, yet there are no options to chose which colour you would like so I ended up with the pink one. If you haven't checked out the Martha Stewart range at Staples you really do need to as it is a-mazing.

I also carry around with me a few pens at all times. I used to just go with the cheap Bic biros but I was forever breaking them, losing them and on a couple of occasions I've had them leak all over my bag. So I decided it was time to invest in some proper pens. I've had these Parker pens for a couple of months now and I've not lost them or broken them...miracle. I bought these Parker Jotter Ballpoint pens from eBay, I got a black and a white one and they were £3.99 each I think. Here is an eBay seller where you can buy them. I really like the white one, its super chic and it has definitely ensured that I look after my pens a bit better. 

Hand Sanitiser: Absinthe Purifying Hand Gel, £2.50 I like to carry around a sanitiser and this little bottle from The Body Shop is perfect for cleansing hands on the go. I was intrigued when they brough out their absinthe range, and I bought this and the Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream. It has a alcohol scent but there's also a freshness to it It leaves the hands odour free, cleansed and not sticky. This hand gel is a Triclosan free product, unlike many other hand gels. Triclosan is one of those controversial ingredients that's often found in antibacterial products and whilst the authorities deem it not hazardous to humans there have been some studies that have shown it to affect hormone regulation in animals and it may be a cause in bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics. Its all hype though, nothing has been proved, but this product is free of it for any of you out there who may be trying to stay away from Triclosan as a precaution. 

Make Up: I like to carry around a few make-up products with me, just in case I need to do any touch ups throughout the day. I carry it all in this clear make up bag which was part of a 3 piece set from Marks and Spencer for £6 of which this bag is the smallest. They no longer do the clear and gold one that I have but you can get it with a silver edging here or a black edging here which are both just as good. I like having a clear make-up bag as I can see what's inside and I can find what I want really easily.

The contents of this bag were thrown together in a rush in the morning before work so I realise now that I don't actually have a brush for the powder or a brush for the blushers in the palette. I think that I had meant to put my Real Techniques Blush brush in there instead of the Real Techniques Stippling brush. What a fail on my behalf.

So here are the contents:

And finally this is the bag that I keep it all in. This bag was from H&M and I did a post about it here. The black version of this bag is still available on the H&M website for £24.99. Its a really roomy, practical bag. The straps are the perfect length for carrying around on your shoulder and the zip fastening is great when you're dashing around London.

What do you keep in your bag? I'm sure as the months get chillier there will be a few more additions to my bag... such as gloves, hand-cream and wooly hat etc.

Instant Radiance Booster | Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus Multiradiance Moisturising Lotion SPF15

15 September 2013

I use this as my day-time moisturiser when I need an added radiance boost. This moisturiser is designed for normal to oily skin and it is non-greasy and won't clog pores. This is a perfect moisturiser for those of us with combination skin as it is super hydrating whilst still being light and non-greasy.

I love the pump bottle as 1 pump gives me enough to use over my entire face, this way I don't end up wasting loads of product which I tend to do with tubes of moisturiser. In my dazed, early morning state I have regularly squeezed too much and ended up with tonnes of moisturiser on my hands, far too much for my face. So on those mornings my arms and hands get a little moisturising treat in my attempt to get rid of the excess moisturiser. 

Like I've said this moisturiser is great to give you an instant radiance boost, it has light reflecting particles in it that give an instant glow. It is easily absorbed into the skin and it even when you add foundation over the top you still get a glow peeking through.

It is also full of skin-loving vitamins and SPF 15 to ensure that your skin stays protected throughout the day. Because it is really hydrating and gives you a glow it makes for a great make-up base. Foundation glides on over the top of it and I even find that I use less foundation as my skin looks better, so I'm not trying to cover it up as much. This prevents any cakey-ness throughout the day as I am wearing less foundation.

This is the version for normal/ oily skin but Olay do also make a version for normal/ dry skin skin which you can find here.

If you need an instant skin pick-me-up. Then this should be your go-to product for a bit of added radiance. 

Nivea Q10 plus anti-wrinkle Pore Refining Day Cream SPF 15

14 September 2013

This is my second tub of the Nivea Q10 plus anti-wrinkle Pore Refining Day Cream SPF 15, £10.99 from Superdrug. Both times I have bought it though I have bought it when it was on offer or part of a deal. I scoured the web and I have managed to find it for £6.99 at the minute from Boots for you lovely people.

I have never really used an anti-ageing moisturiser before and it wasn't something I had considered using as from testing out my mum's moisturisers on various occasions I have found them to be quite heavy and very moisturising which is what mature skin normally requires. However for those of us in our 20's and early 30's that are wanting to prevent the signs of ageing we usually want a lighter moisturiser. For those of us who also have oily skin there isn't a lot on the market that promises to help our blemishes/pores whilst also being anti-ageing. Then I found this product on one of my regular visits to Boots.

This moisturiser is light, whilst still being really hydrating. It moisturises far better than any of the other moisturisers that I have tried which is possibly because it says it is for combination skin, and not for oily skin, which is what I normally would buy, so it is maybe a bit more hydrating than my usual moisturisers. It left my skin so soft and it didn't break me out, and the added bonuses are that it is helping to fight wrinkles and that it contains SPF. Granted the SPF is only SPF 15, but that is probably enough for the dull autumn months that are ahead of us.

So if you found the original Nivea Q10 moisturisers too heavy, or you are looking for a light, moisturiser for combination skin that helps fight wrinkles then this is it!

The best smelling product ever! | The Body Shop Almond Body Butter

This is my most loved Body Butter from The Body Shop. It used to be part of their range, but now it seems to only come back occasionally as a limited edition after it was discontinued. With this being the case I have been known to go a little crazy once it comes into stores. You will find me at the counter with about 4 of these stuffed into my basket.

That being said I only have one left in my back-up beauty products cupboard so I neeeeeed The Body Shop to bring this back soon. Either that, or they need to let me know that they won't be bringing it back so that I can ration it as I love the smell soooooooo much!

This is one of the few body moisturising products that I use up really quickly, and I make sure that I scrape every last bit out of the tub.

What's your favourite Body Butter from The Body Shop?

My Evening Skincare Routine

13 September 2013

So as you all know I have been trying out the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Limited Edition version. I really like using this in the evening as the creamy texture melts make-up away and it is amazing at removing eye make-up, even waterproof mascara.

I then follow with the Nelsons Pure & Clear Purifying Daily Facial Wash* which is a natural blemish fighting face wash. It has a very similar smell and gel-like texture to the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash. Double cleansing my face with a cream and then a foaming gel ensures that all traces of dirt and oil are removed from my face.

After all the cleansing is done I like to follow with the Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner. Its a soothing, gentle alcohol free toner and great for all skin types. This toner recently ran out and I am currently testing 2 new toners so keep an eye out for a review on those coming soon.

The serum that I usually use is The Body Shop's Aloe Protective Serum, although if you have seen my last post I have a small sample of the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus that I recently started to use. However the Aloe Protective Serum is the serum that I have used for over a year now on and off so this is what I have included this post. It is also the serum that I still use in the mornings.

My evening moisturiser of choice most days is The Body Shop's Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion which I featured in my trusty skincare favourites post. It really has become a staple in my night time beauty routine and I have used it basically every night for a few years now. I must have repurchased sooooo many tubes of this! It a light weight gel-creme lotion that supports the skins natural healing and helps to reduce the marks left by blemishes quicker. It may take a while to see results with it, but I have been using it religiously and I swear by it.

Last up is the eye cream, The Body Shop's Aloe Eye Defence  is perfect for sensitive eyes. That being said with the winter months drawing in and my skin starting to dry out a bit more I have occasionally started using the Avon ANEW Clinical Eye Lift PRO as it is a bit more heavy duty and it has been helping to reduce my dark circles.

There are a few more products that I use from time to time, such as the Paula's Choice BHA gel when my skin needs some extra de-clogging power,  as well as various manual exfoliators and masks. There will be another post in a weeks time to show you all those extras that I add in to my basic skincare routine.

Did you see my morning skincare post? If not you can catch it here.

*This product was a prize in a competition giveaway

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus* | A skincare must have.

I've added a few different links to various sizes and on different sites as this product seems to be selling out really quickly everywhere! Everyone is loving it.

This dinky little mini (7ml) is free with Marie Claire magazine* this month and I was so impressed with the product I went and bought another copy of the magazine just for this product. I'll tell you my logic behind this... after I had looked at the prices of the full full products I thought £40 for a 30ml bottle, that basically £1.33 per ml or if you were going to buy the 50ml bottle, £1.10 per ml and as the Marie Claire magazine was only £3.90 that's a right bargain in that mini sample right there. Basically half price per ml. So yes I bought a few of them, and they're going to be great for a few upcoming weekend trips away.

After using it a few times my skin felt really soft and smooth and the redness left from blemishes seemed to have been reduced greatly. This is a serum that really seemed to work for me, the results were really noticeable as there were a lot of problem areas on my face for it to work on.

Here is what Clinique have to say about the product:

"Smoothes, restores and corrects.

A second chance for every skin. Containing three patented technologies in one complete wrinkle serum. Sun, stress, pollution and late nights, skin never forgets. Winkles arise. Clinque's new formula for face and eyes combines a decade of research that creates three serums in one. Helps forgive the appearance of the past and supports your skin's future.

For all skin types, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing"

I love that! Whoever wrote that is a marketing genius. Living in London there is a lot of stress, pollution and late nights and this is definitely what my skin needs. I cant comment on the anti-wrinkle properties of the serum as I don't really have any yet (and hopefully won't for a while *fingers crossed*) but the restorative and corrective qualities are definitely top notch.

The price is what put me off slightly to begin with when I was browsing for the full size versions, but I have realised that I only need to use the tiniest amount and the mini pot that I have is lasting for ages so it might be worse investing in the full size once I'm done with these mini pots.

I want to give it a good test run though for a month of so, as sometimes my skin can react badly to a product after a few weeks so I want to give it a good test before I commit to a larger bottle.

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Make-up Basics | Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent


First of all, sorry about the awful photos. As you can see this item is a firm favourite of mine and having been thrown into many a make-up bag, clutch bag and handbag and the packaging is looking a little worse for wear.

The packaging is the only negative for me where this product is concerned, it is very....basic. But for £3.99 what can you expect really. The lids do seem to stay on better than they used to do (I have repurchased this many times) but I do always worry about this product crumbling into a million pieces in my bag...because this has happened before! So just be careful with it.

Other than that minor issue I love this product. It promises to give up 5 hours shine control, notice that it says 'up to' because for me its more like 3 hours in my t-zone before the shine starts to break through. This obviously depends greatly on what moisturiser, primer and foundation I have used that day, but on average its 3 to 4 hours for me, but its all going to depend on your skin type.

I'm not sure what the Boots website is talking about as they say the product provides up to 12 hours shine free skin but that is not what it says on my packaging. In their further description they also claim that it is free of fragrance, oils, parabens and talc which it is not as it immediately goes on to list the ingredients and the first one on the list...yup you've guessed it...talc!. Hmmm.. Boots might need to check their product descriptions. 

It also claims to minimise the appearance of pores, which I'm all for but I'm not really sure if it does this. Its really dependent on how you apply it. If you buff it well into your skin then it might. I use a primer to minimise my pores and then after foundation this powder goes on top and my pores virtually disappear. 

I have the shade 001 Transparent as I wanted to use it as a setting powder over foundation and concealer. Rimmel do however make this powder in 5 coloured shades though if you wanted something to add a bit of colour to your skin. 

You can buy the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder at Boots for £3.99 and also at Superdrug for £3.99.