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And another customised Fashionista Palette from MUA..

07 September 2013

After receiving my first Fashionista palette I knew I had to order another one. You can check out my review of the first one here including prices and details of how to purchase them.

I had considered just buying the individual pots and then swapping and changing them into my existing palette when I wanted to, but I decided that with my busy schedule I would never actually do that. Instead I decided to purchase another 6-pot palette and again I purchased 2 eye shadows, 2 blushers and 2 bronzers. This way I could create 2 palettes with complimenting colours that I could take with me whatever the occasion.

I chose 2 of the Fashionista Mono Eyeshadows this time, I wanted something a bit more suitable for everyday as despite how gorgeous the baked eyeshadows are that are in my other palette they are very sparkly and quite strong colours that I don't want to wearing everyday. This time around I chose Nude Glimmer a gorgeous shimmery creamy-neutral colour and then I chose a complimenting neutral brown colour called Earth Star. I love the formula of these eyeshadows and they blend together really well.

The 2 blushers that I chose this time were Flush, a bright pink shade and Cinnamon, a dusty, brick coloured pink. I take back what I said in my last post also about the Juicy Apricot colour not being peachy enough and being more pink but when I put this next to the bright pink shade Flush it definitely is more of a peachy shade, but its still no where near a coral shade. Cinnamon is also very similar to the Butterscotch shade in my other palette however the Cinnamon is a bit darker and probably more suited to someone with slightly darker skin.

Again I went for a matte bronzer and a baked bronzer. This time I decided to go for Tokyo in the matte bronzer, from the images on the MUA website I really couldn't tell if this was going to be darker than the LA bronzer in my other palette which I already thought was quite dark so it was a bit of a gamble trying to choose which bronzer to purchase. Does anyone know which is the lightest shade?? When it came I was slightly disappointed because it is a bit darker than the LA. The baked bronzer that I went for this time I love! I chose the shade Barcelona but I had already done by research on this one. A lot of people had said that it wasn't a bronzer at all and it was more like a highlighter which was perfect for me. I could add this to my palette and have a blusher, bronzer and highlighter in there. I really love this shade, its a pale, gold, shimmery sort of colour and like I said great to be used as a highlighter.

Flush and Cinnamon

Nude Glimmer and Earth Star

Tokyo and Barcelona

Left to Right: Earth Star, Nude Glimmer, Flush, Cinnamon, Tokyo and Barcelona.

I find that the pictures on the MUA website really do not represent the true colours of the products so hopefully my images and swatches will give you a better idea of the shades. I have had to do a bit of guessing when ordering on their site as to which shades would be best for pale skin, and which shades a lighter than other and sometimes this has failed miserably. I really would love them to get some better photos of their products on the website to put some of the guesswork out of ordering.

 Here are my 2 palette side by side. The older one on the left and the newer one on the right. The shades from left to right are: Eyeshadows| Exclusive Collection, Radiant, Nude Glimmer and Earth Star. Blushers| Butterscotch, Juicy Apricot, Cinnamon and Flush. Bronzers| Rome, LA, Barcelona and Tokyo.
Regarding the formula of these products they aren't compromised by the cheap price. I find that they last all day, especially the blushers. Whereas most blushers that I've tried seem to fade by the end of the day, these stay put. These are really good quality products for the prices and the cases are really sturdy and solid and not all flimsy and easily breakable like some palettes that I have had in the past.

So there you have it, my second Fashionista Palette. Create your own customised fashionista palette over on the MUA website now, only £7 for 4 shades or £10 for 6 shades like mine!

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