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Another bag purchase... this time from H&M

05 September 2013

Yet another bag... some people have a thing for shoes, I think I definitely have a thing for bags.

I bought the light grey bag way back at the beginning of summer and I have been using it everyday since. It is the perfect size, has a zip fastening and the handles are the perfect length for carrying the bag on your shoulder. When I had bought it I ummed and ahhed about whether to get the grey one or the black one and eventually I went for the pale grey which I thought was perfect for summer, and it was.

That being said about a week ago I started looking towards my autumn/winter wardrobe and I decided that I needed a new black bag. After trawling a few websites I remembered that my much loved grey bag came in black also and I had to have it as I would use it all the time. I went to my local H&M where I had bought the grey bag but it was no longer in the store. I was gutted! This was when I turned to H&M online and to my surprise they still had it in stock. Plus I searched around for discount codes and I managed to get £5 off my order and 25% off one item which as I only ordered the bag I got 25% off it. The bag was £24.99 which seemed a bit pricey for H&M but it was well worth it and even more so with the discount codes.

You can still find the black bag here at H&M online, but the grey one is no longer on the website.

What do you buy too much of? For me its bags!

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