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Avon's best selling eye cream gets better...

04 September 2013

Avon's ANEW Clinical Eye Lift cream was the best selling eye cream in America and Avon's best selling product. Not resting on their laurels, Avon decided to make this eye cream even better by incorporating injectable grade ingredients... enter the ANEW Clinical Eye Lift PRO.

This dual eye system consists of a gel for the eyelid and brow bone and a cream for underneath the eye. The gel consists of injectable grade arginine which aids to boost elastin and lift sagging skin, whilst the rich under eye cream contains Derma Refine Technology. After some quick Googling I found out that this means that it accelerates cellular metabolism and boosts collagen to reduce any discolouration and puffiness under the eye.

When I first started using this I used it day and night and having quite sensitive skin around the eyes I think that all the potent anti-ageing ingredients in it were a bit too much for my skin. On occasion it would make my eyes sting and they would get very dry which is the last thing I expected from a rich eye cream, but it happened. The gel I also found to be rather sticking and just didn't feel great on my skin.

I threw this to the back of the cupboard and forgot about it after my experience in the first week, this amazing eye cream that everyone was raving about and it did nothing for me, in fact it did do something but it was the opposite to what I had desired.

Then about a week ago I noticed I was getting quite bad dark circles and I decided that I would give this a whirl again. I'm only 24 so I don't have sagging skin around my eyes yet so obviously I cannot test those claims, but regarding the under eye cream I really did notice a difference this time.

Having had quite bad dark circles, and after my experience using this last time I decided to only use it in the evenings. This was an amazing idea! On some mornings I was struggling to hide my dark circles under various concealers, but the first morning after using this I noticed that my dark circles had improved vastly! I couldn't actually believe it. I'm so sceptical when it comes to anti-ageing products and I couldn't believe that this was actually doing what it said on the box.

I can't guarantee that this will work for those of you with substantial wrinkles and sagging around the eyes but for dark circles it really is a good eye cream. Maybe AVON should consider separating them out and selling them separately as I'd love to just buy the under eye cream.

You can buy this on the Avon website here, or from your local Avon Representative.

Have you tried this? Or can anyone recommend a good concealer for dark circles?

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