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Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus* | A skincare must have.

13 September 2013

I've added a few different links to various sizes and on different sites as this product seems to be selling out really quickly everywhere! Everyone is loving it.

This dinky little mini (7ml) is free with Marie Claire magazine* this month and I was so impressed with the product I went and bought another copy of the magazine just for this product. I'll tell you my logic behind this... after I had looked at the prices of the full full products I thought £40 for a 30ml bottle, that basically £1.33 per ml or if you were going to buy the 50ml bottle, £1.10 per ml and as the Marie Claire magazine was only £3.90 that's a right bargain in that mini sample right there. Basically half price per ml. So yes I bought a few of them, and they're going to be great for a few upcoming weekend trips away.

After using it a few times my skin felt really soft and smooth and the redness left from blemishes seemed to have been reduced greatly. This is a serum that really seemed to work for me, the results were really noticeable as there were a lot of problem areas on my face for it to work on.

Here is what Clinique have to say about the product:

"Smoothes, restores and corrects.

A second chance for every skin. Containing three patented technologies in one complete wrinkle serum. Sun, stress, pollution and late nights, skin never forgets. Winkles arise. Clinque's new formula for face and eyes combines a decade of research that creates three serums in one. Helps forgive the appearance of the past and supports your skin's future.

For all skin types, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing"

I love that! Whoever wrote that is a marketing genius. Living in London there is a lot of stress, pollution and late nights and this is definitely what my skin needs. I cant comment on the anti-wrinkle properties of the serum as I don't really have any yet (and hopefully won't for a while *fingers crossed*) but the restorative and corrective qualities are definitely top notch.

The price is what put me off slightly to begin with when I was browsing for the full size versions, but I have realised that I only need to use the tiniest amount and the mini pot that I have is lasting for ages so it might be worse investing in the full size once I'm done with these mini pots.

I want to give it a good test run though for a month of so, as sometimes my skin can react badly to a product after a few weeks so I want to give it a good test before I commit to a larger bottle.

Get your sample now free with Marie Claire Magazine!

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