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MRP Competition | Win a years supply of clothes

29 September 2013

MRP is a brand that I have only recently discovered. They are the South African equivalent of Primark, but they are cheaper! We've all noticed it, the once really cheap Primark has slowly increased their prices over the years, and even though they're still cheaper than most other high street stores they're not like the prices that they used to be.

Enter MRP... this clothing brand ships to the UK for just £4, probably the same as your bus/tube fair to and from Primark.

I've been having a thorough browse of their website and there are so many great pieces that are currently being added to my shopping basket as we speak. Here's a sneak peek at them.


Admittedly many of the items on the website still seem to be summer related for us in the UK, so this site would be great to use next year to stock up on your summer wardrobe. There are great sandals, sun dresses and maxi dresses. The black and white dress above I really want now for autumn, but it seems to have proven really popular and it is currently sold out in most sizes!

Now on to the competition part... Click here to win a years supply of clothes from MRP. The closing date is the 25th November. Winners will be notified on the 26th November.

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