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Nivea Q10 plus anti-wrinkle Pore Refining Day Cream SPF 15

14 September 2013

This is my second tub of the Nivea Q10 plus anti-wrinkle Pore Refining Day Cream SPF 15, £10.99 from Superdrug. Both times I have bought it though I have bought it when it was on offer or part of a deal. I scoured the web and I have managed to find it for £6.99 at the minute from Boots for you lovely people.

I have never really used an anti-ageing moisturiser before and it wasn't something I had considered using as from testing out my mum's moisturisers on various occasions I have found them to be quite heavy and very moisturising which is what mature skin normally requires. However for those of us in our 20's and early 30's that are wanting to prevent the signs of ageing we usually want a lighter moisturiser. For those of us who also have oily skin there isn't a lot on the market that promises to help our blemishes/pores whilst also being anti-ageing. Then I found this product on one of my regular visits to Boots.

This moisturiser is light, whilst still being really hydrating. It moisturises far better than any of the other moisturisers that I have tried which is possibly because it says it is for combination skin, and not for oily skin, which is what I normally would buy, so it is maybe a bit more hydrating than my usual moisturisers. It left my skin so soft and it didn't break me out, and the added bonuses are that it is helping to fight wrinkles and that it contains SPF. Granted the SPF is only SPF 15, but that is probably enough for the dull autumn months that are ahead of us.

So if you found the original Nivea Q10 moisturisers too heavy, or you are looking for a light, moisturiser for combination skin that helps fight wrinkles then this is it!

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