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Real Techniques Brushes | Buy 1 get 1 half price!

12 September 2013

The other day whilst I was on the Boots website I noticed that selected cosmetics were buy one get one half price and so I thought I would check out whether that included beauty accessories such as brushes and it sure did!

I purchased the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and the Real Techniques Blush Brush and I got them both for £16.99 which isn't so bad. I got the Blush Brush for half price at £5 which when you look at it like that seems like a complete bargain.

These brushes some of the best make up brushes around designed by blogger and make up expert Samantha Chapman. They definitely are worth the money, even more so if you're getting a great deal like this one.

The blush brusher is super soft and it has actually made so much of a difference to how my blusher looks. Previously I had been using a massive angled brush and I just seemed to be getting too much product all over, but the shape and softness of this ensures that I don't get too much product all over my face.

The stippling brush I initially used to create a really flawless base. If you use it just to dab your foundation right into your skin it gives a really amazing finish. Another use for this brush is to apply cream blusher with, it makes blending the blusher into your skin really easy and it blends it in really well with your foundation or base that you are wearing. A week or so ago I also bought a stippling brush from MUA which was really cheap, like £1 or something as I wanted to compare the quality and the difference that the price actually makes. I can tell you without a doubt that the Real Techniques brush is worth the money, even more so if you're getting it half price. The bristles are shorter and make stippling the product into your skin really easy. The MUA offering has longer bristles that just seem to flare out when you try to use them, particularly when using a cream blush with the brush.

So there you have it, the Real Techniques brushes may seem slightly expensive, but they are built to last (if you look after them properly) and they really do make applying your make-up a dream. They are far superior to any cheaper versions that I have used.

You can check out the Real Techniques brushes here at Boots. Head on over there quick as I'm not sure how much longer this offer will be on for?

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