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Rosehip Oil | What do you think?

26 September 2013

Ah...Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil you have been the bane of my existence the past few weeks! I'd read so many great reviews of this and it had helped so many people get a bit of radiance back into their skin whilst helping to heal scars and marks I thought that it would be perfect for me.

So I jumped on the Rosehip Oil bandwagon feet first, ordered this, and immediately slathered it on when it got here. The morning after I was so surprised, my skin was so soft and radiant and it looked great. So that evening I mixed a few drops in with my moisturiser and applied it again. That was where my love affair with it stopped. I woke up the day after with loads of clogged pores on my jawline, I had a few inflamed red spots that had appeared overnight. It was a nightmare! 

I only used this product for 2 day as I then went on to discover that this product despite being good for acne scarring it can cause congestion and clog pores!! Brilliant. For the past 2 weeks since trying this I have been battling with the worst skin I've had in years. I have loads of red, angry inflamed spots around my jawline, on my cheeks and one on my forehead, and then there are loads of tiny white blocked pores topped off with red scarring left from the spots as the start to subside. Although more seem to be popping up everyday.

I've not had really red inflamed acne in years, bar the odd spot now and again, its usually just been small whiteheads and blackheads so this is just weird. I blame the Rosehip oil fully! Now I can't seem to get my skin back to how it was and its getting really frustrating.

That being said the Rosehip oil makes your skin so soft and I have continued to use it in small amounts under my eyes where my skin gets really dehydrated and fine lines start to form. For this it is great, which goes to show that for anyone who isn't blemish prone this could be a great oil for your face.

I have also used it on a scar on my foot that I've had for about 2 months now. The cut was only a minor shaving cut that I've had for about 2 months now and the scar just seemed to be a purply-brown mark that wasn't going anywhere. With the first use of the rosehip oil the colour seemed to fade quite dramatically and it really is improving in appearance. I just wish the skin on my face wasn't so sensitive to products!

This was my first experience with oil and it has totally put me off from trying any other, as it has brought me out in these crazy deep, red inflamed spots. Has anyone tried a good oil for blemish prone/oily skin?

You can find the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil on the Escentual website for only 11.75 for a 20ml bottle. I'd try the smaller bottle first before splurging on the larger one. 

Have you tried Rosehip Oil? Have you had good or bad experiences with it? Also does anyone have any suggestions to get my skin back under control!?

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