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"Say Hello to Clear" The Perfect Spot Fighting Kit from Mario Badescu

05 September 2013

I bought these 3 Mario Badescu items as the 'Say Hello to Clear' Drying set from Harvey Nichols. You can find the set here for £25.00. This set consists of the brands most sought after blemish clearing products all in one box.

The Drying Lotion is a blend of Salicylic Acid and Calamine Lotion to clear up, soothe and heal whiteheads over night. This is my favourite of the 3 products by far! It is the bets spot fighting treatment I have found. You just dab a bit of this on the spot before bed and leave it to dry (note: you will be sleeping with pink spots all over your face so remember to wash them off in the morning). I always find the next morning that if it is a small spot it will have practically disappeared, if it is a larger angrier spot then after a few days use it will be greatly reduced and sometimes if you have a really stubborn spot this will bring it to a head so it can be popped (not that this is recommended but I know we just can't help ourselves). This is non drying on the rest of the skin around the blemish as it contains calamine and so it would be perfect to use on all skin types

The Drying Cream is a great one for congested areas and I've found myself using it more and more recently around my chin area. This cream promises to dry up under-surface blemishes that appear as small raised bumps, which is what I would call congested skin. This one is best used on oily/combination congested skin, but as it contains aloe then it is soothing and gentle. It really just prevents those under the skin bumps from developing in to full-on whiteheads and stops them spreading. This cream is slightly coloured and it is recommended to be used during the day to conceal the spots slightly. It does do this, but I find that it leaves a chalky texture on the face which makes the spots seem more obvious and don't even try putting make up over the top of it as it just doesn't work and goes a bit cakey. I find it is best used in the evening before bed.

The last product in this spot-fighting set is the Silver Powder. This product intrigued me the most when I spied this on the Harvey Nicks website. I hadn't heard of anything quite like it. I suffer from black heads on my nose and I occasionally like to use a blackhead pore strip on my nose, which is sometimes successful and sometimes not so much (on a few occasions I have left them on too long and bruised my nose when pulling them off- looked awful for a few days!). This powder however proves to be an effective solution for removing blackheads. You mix the powder with a bit of water to form a paste and apply it to your face, after 10 minutes or so and you then remove the paste with a toner. The mixture of calcium carbonate, kaolin (clay) and zinc oxide works to unclog pores and prevent blackheads. I saw a difference with one applications, immediately after blackheads appeared greatly reduced but they seemed to come back after a few days so it is worth using this regularly to gain a healthy complexion and I'm sure in the long term it would reduce oil production.

You can buy the set here for £25.00 from Harvey Nichols (the set targets whiteheads, blackheads and under the skin bumps). This is a £9.40 saving versus buying them separately!

Or if you only have one of these problems then you can buy the products separately. I found that the individual prices were cheaper if you bought them from versus Harvey Nichols. However the set seems to be exclusive to Harvey Nichols in the UK.

Here are the links to the individual items:

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion £14.50 for 29ml which is actually's top selling product.

Mario Badescu Drying Cream £11.95 for 14ml.

Mario Badescu Silver Powder £7.95 for the size in the set (14ml) or for a pot double the size (29ml) it is £11.95. offer free delivery also so its worth checking them out as they offer a wide variety of beauty and skincare products. I know I'll be adding a few items to my basket soon as I really want to try the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion which is designed to treat deep, cystic acne which I don't really have but every month I seem to get some painful, deep spots which are huge lumps along my jawline which don't even seem to clear up quickly with the drying lotion (takes over a week) so I think that I will give the buffering lotion a try. Watch this space...

Have you tried any of Mario Badescu's products? I know that there is a cult following over in the states but the brand doesn't seem to be as well known over here.

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