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What's in my bag | #1

17 September 2013

So, here it is, my first ever 'What's in my bag' post. I've been keeping it pretty minimal recently, during those few weeks of sweltering heat in London I was carrying around deodorant, a full make up kit, perfume, dry shampoo, a mini sun tan lotion, a bottle of water, basically anything that I could cram into my bag. So now my shoulder is thanking me for keeping it minimal.

Purse: Ollie & Nic, £60, you can find similar ones here as I bought mine last year from the store at Westfield, Stratford. You should check them out as they do really nice leather bags and purses. 

Travel Phone Charger: I bought this on the plane to Italy, it was roughly £20 and it has been a life saviour. Working long hours and often late nights my phone tends to run out of battery by the end of the evening so this just gives my phone the little boost of battery power that I need until I get home. This comes with loads of different adapters and I can use it to charge my camera, kindle, ipod...basically everything.

This is the one I have, the Veo Power Bank which is only £7.99 on Amazon now. Far cheaper than I paid for mine!

Here are a few other versions:
Duracell 5 hour portable charger, £29.99 (This one looks really good if you want to splash out some money and you're guaranteed good quality with a well known brand)

Brush: Denman Hairbrush Compact, £3.29 This really handy brush has a mirror inside for touch ups on the go and it all folds away into a tiny little compact perfect even for some of the smallest clutch bags. I have long hair that's gets knotted so easily so this is a real life saver.

Lip Balm: Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips, £1.99 There's always a tub of lip balm floating around in my bag, and the one currently residing in there is the Vaselin Rosy Lips. Its just like normal Vaseline but leaves you with a subtle pink tint.

Kindle: I have the Kindle Touch which I don't think you can buy any more on Amazon, but their basic Kindle is now only £69. I am so glad that I bought my Kindle as I spend hours of my time on the tube each week and reading a good book makes it a bit more bearable. Buying the Kindle has definitely make me read more as it is so easy to carry it around with you, and its so easy to use. You can literally be reading a book within seconds of finding it on the Amazon store.

Umbrella: With the unpredictable UK weather I always carry an umbrella with me. This tiny umbrella folds down so small, and it is really light so its great to just carry around with me all the time. I think it was from Primark months ago and it has a really cool black and white aztec design. Its always nice to have a bright, patterned umbrella to brighten things up a bit when the day is dull and grey.

Tissues: This is just something that I always like to carry around with me as you can always guarantee when you need a tissue you never have one. 

Notebook and Pens: Martha Stewart Home Office Spiral Notebook from Staples, £2.68 I was slightly confused when I purchased this on the Staples website as it states that there are 3 colours, yet there are no options to chose which colour you would like so I ended up with the pink one. If you haven't checked out the Martha Stewart range at Staples you really do need to as it is a-mazing.

I also carry around with me a few pens at all times. I used to just go with the cheap Bic biros but I was forever breaking them, losing them and on a couple of occasions I've had them leak all over my bag. So I decided it was time to invest in some proper pens. I've had these Parker pens for a couple of months now and I've not lost them or broken them...miracle. I bought these Parker Jotter Ballpoint pens from eBay, I got a black and a white one and they were £3.99 each I think. Here is an eBay seller where you can buy them. I really like the white one, its super chic and it has definitely ensured that I look after my pens a bit better. 

Hand Sanitiser: Absinthe Purifying Hand Gel, £2.50 I like to carry around a sanitiser and this little bottle from The Body Shop is perfect for cleansing hands on the go. I was intrigued when they brough out their absinthe range, and I bought this and the Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream. It has a alcohol scent but there's also a freshness to it It leaves the hands odour free, cleansed and not sticky. This hand gel is a Triclosan free product, unlike many other hand gels. Triclosan is one of those controversial ingredients that's often found in antibacterial products and whilst the authorities deem it not hazardous to humans there have been some studies that have shown it to affect hormone regulation in animals and it may be a cause in bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics. Its all hype though, nothing has been proved, but this product is free of it for any of you out there who may be trying to stay away from Triclosan as a precaution. 

Make Up: I like to carry around a few make-up products with me, just in case I need to do any touch ups throughout the day. I carry it all in this clear make up bag which was part of a 3 piece set from Marks and Spencer for £6 of which this bag is the smallest. They no longer do the clear and gold one that I have but you can get it with a silver edging here or a black edging here which are both just as good. I like having a clear make-up bag as I can see what's inside and I can find what I want really easily.

The contents of this bag were thrown together in a rush in the morning before work so I realise now that I don't actually have a brush for the powder or a brush for the blushers in the palette. I think that I had meant to put my Real Techniques Blush brush in there instead of the Real Techniques Stippling brush. What a fail on my behalf.

So here are the contents:

And finally this is the bag that I keep it all in. This bag was from H&M and I did a post about it here. The black version of this bag is still available on the H&M website for £24.99. Its a really roomy, practical bag. The straps are the perfect length for carrying around on your shoulder and the zip fastening is great when you're dashing around London.

What do you keep in your bag? I'm sure as the months get chillier there will be a few more additions to my bag... such as gloves, hand-cream and wooly hat etc.

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