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Winter Coats | Which one to buy??

19 September 2013

I'm on the lookout for a new winter coat this year. Last year I made a few bad purchases regarding winter coats, a snap decision in H&M resulting in a poorly fitting coat, and a gorgeous coat in Next that turned out to be the thinnest, badly made duffle coat in reality (I managed to rip an 8 inch gash in the fabric where the arm meets the body of the coat just by stretching). It was badly made and I probably should have bought a size up to account for the crazy amount of layers I would be wearing underneath it.

One gorgeous purchase that I did make was a cream FCUK coat with a cream faux fur collar. It truly is gorgeous but it has been resigned to special occasion wear as it really isn't practical for grubby public transport in London.

This year I am vowing to be more sensible in my winter coat purchases. This week I have sold on Ebay 3 black winter coats that were getting a bit snug and would not fit a cosy jumper underneath any more so I was on the lookout for a new black coat. Yep I though I would be practical, but then I began browsing and the whole black thing flew out of the window. I want something that is warm and cosy, but still a bit stylish, and something I'm going to be able to wear with anything. Here are a few different coats that I am pondering over... I'm going to take a trip into Oxford Street and try loads of different ones on in the next week I think before I buy one. I don't want to end up with a thin, flimsy material coat like last year.

I love the look of this Aztec Coat, its a great coat for an everyday, casual outfit but I'd like to buy a coat that I can dress up also, particularly if I am paying nearly £100 for it. 

The Officer Trent coat appears to be a more versatile coat and depending upon the material that it's made out of, I would seriously consider buying this, purely because of the price. But like I said it depends on the quality of the material. 

The boucle wool coat looks gorgeous and again one I'd seriously consider if I wasn't looking for a versatile coat that would go with everything. If there was already a plain coat hanging in my wardrobe ready to wear this year then I would of bought this one as a statement piece, but like I said none of my black coats fit any more.

Now this warehouse coat is a lovely coat. I love the colouring, its dark and simple but not too plain.I really like the faux fur collar too as one of my old favourite coats had a fur collar and it was so cosy in a winter and you didn't have to wear a scarf all the time as it kept your neck really warm. The clean simple lines looks really stylish, this is one I'll be definitely checking out when I hit the shops.

I initially loved this check coat when I was putting this post together but I've read a few reviews saying the material is poor quality, its quite thin and the arms are quite slim fitting (reminds me of a certain Next duffle coat I mentioned). 

The Zara two-sided favourite of the bunch for warmth and cosyness I have to say. It has a warm fluffy lining, and not just in the body like some coats, the whole sleeves and hood are lined with it too. This comes in navy and grey, but I'm swayed more towards the grey one as I wear black a lot, and grey would be easier to wear with black. If only this coat came in would be perfect!

7. Zara Basic Wool Coat, £59.99 | 8. Oasis Salt and Pepper Biker Coat, £100 | 9. M&S Collection Textured Faux Fur Coat, £85

I wanted to include a nice black, basic coat and I'm sure that this one from Zara would be a really good quality coat. It looks far more flattering when you see it on the model, click the link to see the image. This would be a wardrobe staple for years, like my other trusty black coats have been.

This salt and pepper biker coat from Oasis is a really simple, take on the biker style coat. Its a nice coat, but I'm not mega drawn to it like some of the others...maybe the price tag has something to do with it.

And finally, the faux fur coat. This seems to have already sold out online. It seems to flit in and out of stock in different sizes so you'll be lucky to get it online unless they replenish the stock. I'm hoping a store will have it in when I head to the shops this week so that I can check it out. This is another one that look better on the model on the online photo so I really want to track one down to try on.

When the time comes, if I can afford it there will be a new casual coat and possibly another smarter black coat.

What coats are your favourite? I think mine are 6 for cosy and casual and 4 and 9 for something a bit smarter.

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