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Beauty packing for a hand luggage only flight

04 October 2013

My previous post was about packing for a hand luggage only flight in general, but today I am going to go into more detail about the beauty/makeup items that I am packing. The above photo are all of the items that are in my clear bag, but I've squeezed a shampoo, conditioner, face wash, deodorant, a mini tub of moisturiser and toothpaste into my boyfriends clear plastic bag (he was only using it for a deodorant and an aftershave!) We are going to share the shampoo and the toothpaste and we are hoping the hotel will have mini bottles of shower gel to use.

So basically I have a bag of makeup (the products that aren't restricted at the airport), a clear bag full of restricted items like liquids, creams and gels (all need to be under 100ml), a folding mirror and some cotton buds and cotton pads.

My Paul and Joe make up bag is one of my most favourite things at the moment. I'm an organised neat-freak so the different pockets and sections keeps me happy. 

In it I have packed:

In the clear bag I have:
Then in the boyfriends bag there is just a Simple Oil Balancing moisturiser decanted, Simple Oil Balancing face wash decanted, and Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner and a Sure Deodorant.

Basically the top tips here are the keep everything small, save up samples throughout the year to use when you go away. If not you can get small empty tubes, tubs and bottles from Muji, Boots or Superdrug to decant your favourite products into.

I have fairly bad skin at the moment hence all the blemish fighting products, but if it was better I'd leave behind a concealer and the spot fighting gel. 

Feel free to add your own tips for travelling hand luggage only in the comments below.

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