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New Winter Coat | Being Bold in Tartan.... eeek!

02 October 2013

This Tartan Duffle Coat from Primark was a bargain at £28. Tartan is really on trend for this autumn winter and it is everywhere on the high street. I didn't want to splash out on a statement coat that I might only wear for one winter though so this one is perfect. Its surprisingly well made for Primark I thought. It is a fairly thick material and it fits really nicely which is more than can be said for most coats I have tried on this year on the mission to find the perfect winter coat.

However if you're thinking that I must be mad buying a tartan coat...don't worry, I am still on the lookout for a nice, black, classic winter coat. But I am yet to find one... This was just a bit of a crazy, spare of the moment purchase and I won't just be wearing this coat all winter.

Primark does have this in plain colours for those of you who are a bit print shy... they have it in navy, burgundy and green that I saw, and possibly some other colours.

Will you be wearing tartan this winter?

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