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Packing for a short trip away | Hand luggage only

03 October 2013

So I'm going to be heading away for 4 days soon so I thought that I would get all organised and show you what I'm taking and how I'm going to be fitting it all in...for a hand luggage only flight! Its took some serious outfit planning and list making. 

I bought this tiny red suitcase that meets cabin requirements for only £8.99 from Sports Direct of all places! (although make sure you check with your airlines requirements). Here is the link.

To travel in I will then be wearing my bulkiest items of clothing in order to save space, these are my River Island Molly Khaki Jeggings, Next leather ankle boots, Primark chunky beige cardigan and also my New Look coat from this post.

This suitcase is expandable and when expanded it is still within the cabin bag required size so naturally I have extended it to get a few more things in there.

I've tried to stick to quite a neutral palette so that everything will mix and match really easily while I'm away. I've also chosen a lot of dark items that I will be able to wear things for a few days if I need to, but hopefully I've planned well enough so that this doesn't need to happen too much, well apart from the jeans and the white and blacks basics that I'll be wearing under the jumpers.

Basically with hand luggage only, planning is key. It helps to know roughly what you are going to be doing while you are away and also what the weather will be like! I'm sure that this packing light malarky would be much easier if I was going away to somewhere really hot on a beach holiday.

So basically what I have packed is an outfit for each day and night that I have planned and one spare t-shirt (just incase). I plan on wearing a few of the items multiple times so this should be plenty. I also have a pair of boots, a pair of flats and a few key pieces of jewellery. I'm also just taking my black and gold chain bag from Clarks as its large enough to be able to use in the day, yet its small enough for using in the evening.

Beauty wise I have a folding mirror from Muji which is really slim and easy to pack, a few cotton pads and cotton buds, my Paul and Joe makeup bag and then the regulation clear bag full of all of the liquid products (under 100ml). You can buy these clear travel bags from Muji which are the regulation size for only £3.95. I made use of my boyfriends under-filled clear bag and stuck a few of my things in there too. Not sure what I would of done if I was travelling on my own though...oops.

I'm going to do a more in depth post on beauty packing for hand luggage only soon so keep an eye out for that.

Of course I will be adding a few more things last minute such as a magazine, my kindle and my phone charger...the essentials.

My top tips for travelling light are:
  • Stick to a neutral colour palette and have a few statements colour pieces so that you can easily mix and match basic items.
  • Wear all of your heaviest and bulkiest items to travel in to save space in your suitcase.
  • Be organised! Last minute packing will result in you just throwing more things in than you actually need.
  • Plan your outfits, and ensure you plan to wear items like jeans and jumpers a few times (or if you're going on a summer holiday- evening dresses and shorts)
  • Check the weather before you go and plan for this
  • Try to have some idea of what you will be doing while you're away and tailor your outfits to this.
  • More beauty tips coming up in tomorrows post...

What space saving tips do you have for travelling light?

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