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Pictures Post | Mini Break to Jersey

25 October 2013

This is the view out of the front of the hotel...Gorgeous weather for October! 

Hotel room | Wanted to bring this wardrobe home with me!

Panoramic view

Jersey Wildlife Park

Jersey Wildlife Park

Jersey Wildlife Park

St Brelades Bay, Jersey | Taken moments after being attacked by a seagull! Watch out for them!

The most seafood I have ever seen in one dish...I don't like seafood so I didn't eat this but I wanted to share it with you as it was ridiculous!

This however is the stunning dessert that I had at the Oyster Box. I was confused as I had ordered chocolate mousse...check out the next photo.

And there is the chocolate mousse inside | All of the desserts at the Oyster Box were presented absolutely beautifully and so original!

Lastly a lovely view of the bay.

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