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December Glamour issue + Kate Spade Nails Inc nail polish

20 November 2013

If you haven't already spied this I highly recommend buying this months Glamour magazine. The free gift with this months magazine is a Kate Spade Nails Inc nail polish, available in 4 different shades. The magazine is only £2 so I would suggest going out and buying 4 just to get one of each colour.

Currently I have New York Noir, but I plan on tracking down the other shades. These are a bright red (Big Apple Red), a silver (Soho Silver) and a gold (Uptown Glamour). It seems particularly hard to track down the gold and the silver in my local stores but they will be perfect for the festive season.

I went for the black one as the black nail polish that I currently own isn't very pigmented and requires so many coats to get it to a decent looking colour. I'd heard that these were very pigmented so this swayed my decision and I wasn't disappointed. You could get away with just one coat with this but for the best results apply 2.

What colour have you got your eye on? Or are you going to buy all 4, for £2 each you can't really go wrong. No other £2 nail polish will beat these in quality.

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