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Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: Oil Free

09 November 2013

Lately as the weather have changed I have found myself reaching for a different primer in the morning. I had previously been using the Body Shop's Tea Tree Pore Minimizer (review here) which blurs my pores away, matifies my skin and generally feels nice on my skin and soothes my blemishes but I thought that it was time to switch it up to something more nourishing.

The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, Oil Free has a different texture to other primers that I have used. It doesn't have a silicone feel to it like most, instead it has a calming and nourishing creamy texture yet it is still lightweight and oil free. I always look for oil free products as my skin is so prone to clogging and blemishes any way so I don't want to give it more of a reason to break out. 

The LM Oil Free primer really does create a smooth base for foundation. It makes foundation go on really flawlessly and prolongs the wear time of foundation. A claim on the LM website about this product it that it will also keep foundation colour-true for hours which I guess refers to foundations oxidising and going darker and more orange after a few hours which is an added bonus. None of the foundations that I currently use oxidise so I can't really comment on this.

The facts about this product that make it perfect for me are basically that it is oil free and non-comeodogenic. Coming in winter the added ingredients of  green tea extract, vitamins A, C and E and also cucumber help to soothe and feed my skin, which also keeping it refreshing and light. Its designed for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin so its perfect for me. 

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer- Oil Free is available at Space.NK for £28

What's your favourite Laura Mercier primer?

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