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New Boots for Winter.

10 November 2013

Baratts Chelsea Boots with Buckle Trim | £42
Deichmann 5th Avenue Ankle Boot | £29.99

I went to the Westfield to exchange a few basic tops in H&M and somehow ended up coming back with 2 new pairs of boots... oops! I did have a new paid of boots on my wishlist, but these were a black pair from River Island so I have no idea how I ended up with 2 brown pairs?

Since the weather turned I have been on the lookout for some heeled boots as I have a few pairs of flat boots and ones with a small chunky heel, but none with that heel size that can easily be dressed up or down. When I saw the first pair in Baratts I loved them immediately and when I tried them on they were so comfortably and fit perfectly I had to buy them. I'm a size 4 and half with fairly narrow feet and often I find it hard to find shoes that fit properly, so I go a bit mad when it comes to boots in a winter as a size 5 always seems to fit perfectly and if not I just add another pair of socks...sorted.

The Baratts pair aren't leather, but they are a really good quality pleather. The worn effect on the toes and the back of the boot really give them that higher end pleather look, as some cheaper options are a uniform colour and tend to look really plastic-like. The dark brown is a really classy option and seen as I already have a tan-brown pair of boots I made the excuse to myself that these are a totally different colour so it's fine to buy them. I really love the chunky heel, the elastic sides and the gold's the little details that matter.

The next pair are a suede leather...I don't have a pair of suede heeled boots, so there was my next excuse for myself to buy these less than half an hour after buying the Baratts pair. This pair is from Deichmann Shoes which I had previously associated with really cheap, bargain shoes, but after a quick browse they seemed to have a 'premium' brand in called 5th Avenue which obviously was still cheap for boots at £29.99 but the quality seemed far better than other brands in there. For starters the upper of these boots are real leather suede which for the price is brilliant. These came in 2 colour options, I went for the lighter shade, but they also came in a darker brown.

So I just have the black River Island boots to save up for now...but they are more expensive than these 2 put together so they might have to go on the Christmas list.

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