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Tartan Scarves

08 November 2013

 Left to Right: Royal Stewart Tartan (eBay, £10.99), Double Sided Soft Checked Scarf (Zara, £19.99) and Red Tartan Scarf (Primark, £4)

This winter Tartan has made a huge revival and it's everywhere. A great way to add tartan into an outfit without going overboard is with a classic tartan scarf.

These 3 scarves seem to cover all of my needs this winter. The Stewart Tartan scarf is quite small and perfect to just sling on with a small jacket, its not a 'wrap around to keep warm' kind of's more decorative. It is however the stereotypical red tartan everyone thinks of when you say tartan.

The Zara double sided scarf has become my absolute favourite. Its huge! It's like a big soft blanket that wraps around and keeps you so snug and cosy. At £19.99 it may be more expensive than the other, but it is most definitely worth it. The muted green and burgundy tartan is perfect for autumn and yet turn it over and the black and white pattern means it is bound to go with everything.

The Primark scarf was more of a 'why not its so cheap' purchase. I like a red tartan and once I realised my scarf from eBay is tiny I wanted a larger, cosier scarf for winter. For the price this scarf is an absolute bargain. The only negative that I have found is that the material isn't the best and it just doesn't compare in softness and cosiness to the Zara scarf.

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