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I'm back and so is this beauty from The Body Shop

31 December 2013

So it's been a while since I last posted ... over a month in fact! That month has flown by so quickly though, I was busy at work and my spare time was spent doing Christmas shopping and general organisation as I was heading back up to my parents house for Christmas. This is the longest time I have had off work in absolutely ages so it had been really good to chill out and relax.

That being said...I'm back to blogging and I hope that in the New Year I will be able to keep it up pretty regularly.

I just had to do this quick post to let you know that one of my all time favourite body butters from The Body Shop is back in stores! This is the Almond Body Butter and it smells amazing! This is a product that has always been popular, but was discontinued from their permanent range a while ago. However they still bring it back once or twice a year for a limited time only which seems to send people into a buying frenzy. You will see people stocking up with multiple tubs of this stuff, myself included.

This time I restrained myself and only bought 2. I have been known in the past to buy 5 at a time, that being said I still have 1 in my cupboard from my last Almond Body Butter haul so 3 should last me until it graces the stores with its presence again.

Go grab yourselves some of this smells amazing and its only £5 in the sale at the moment instead of £13 so its an absolute bargain.

You can even find it online on The Body Shop's website here.