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The Body Shop Sale Haul

16 January 2014

The time has flown by since my last post! London has once again consumed me and I have been busy working and sleeping and more working and sleeping.

One thing that I have had a bit of time for is perusing the January sales online. When an email popped into my inbox saying that there was an extra 30% off sale items at The Body Shop I was on their website within minutes.

I had already bought my beloved Almond Body Butters in the sale a few weeks ago...check out my post here, but when I saw that there was another 30% off them I just couldn't resist stocking up with 2 more! That's how much I love them.

Whilst I was browsing the sale I found a few more items that I wanted to try, and if I spent £20 I would get free delivery so I stocked up on a few more essentials in the sale. For £21 I managed to get 9 items for less than the price of the 2 Body Butters full price.

Here's what I bought:

Almond Body Butter, Was £13, Now £3.50! I couldn't resist this deal. These Body Butters are limited edition and they only seem to come into stores once or twice a year so grab a bargain while you can.

Almond Bath and Shower Gel, Was £4, Now £2.10 I've never actually seen this before in stores so I am exciting to try the shower gel in my all time favourite scent from The Body Shop.

Cranberry Joy Linen, Room and Body Spray, Was £6, Now £2.80 This is from their Christmas range which is why it is reduced, but this Fresh Berry scent doesn't necessarily smell like Christmas so it can be used at any time of the year.

Rainforest Balance Haircare Kit, Was £4, Now £2.10 I always like to have a few miniatures in for weekends away, I have already tried the radiance range for coloured hair and liked them, but I went for the oily hair range this time. My hair tends to get oily and I am hoping that this set will mean I only have to wash my hair once whilst I'm away for a weekend. Did I mention they also contain no silicones or parabens.

White Musk Perfume Oil, Was £4, Now £2.80 White Musk weirdly reminds me of my early teenage years. I think I had a white musk body spray from the Body Shop and I've not smelt it since. When I saw this perfume oil for only £2.80 I had to get reminisce. Perfume oils last longer than other types of fragrance so hours later when I catch the velvety mush scent I am reminded of those times. Another bonus of these perfume oils are that they are alcohol free and perfect for use on sensitive skin.

Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel, Was £2.50, Now £1.75 Another one of my favourite scents from The Body Shop is coconut. I usually carry around a hand sanitiser so having one that doesn't have a strong alcohol smell was appealing. The Body Shop do other scents too, I think that the satsuma one would smell amazing too.

Large Nail File, Was £2.00, Now £1.40 At this point I was just trying to find items to make my basket up to £20 so that I could get the free delivery. I've already got one of these nail files and they do the job. Love the cute mint green colour too.

Ultra Fine Bath Lily, £1.50, Now £1.05  The bath lily that I currently have is starting to unravel and has seen better days. I was just going to buy one of these in Tesco's with the weekly shopping as I normally do, but  this one was on sale and this lovely bright shade of orange I added it to my basket.

Now up to £21 and with free delivery I thought I better stop browsing. There were a few more things that I wanted but I have a £5 off birthday voucher for being a Body Shop Love Your Body Member to use in stores so I would save them for using with the voucher.

Get yourself over to the Body Shop's website now and check out their sale as there are some absolute bargains on there. If you are someone who is super organised then you could buy some of the gift sets for birthday presents throughout the year, and dare I say it...Christmas presents for next year in this sale.

UPDATE: The Body Shop now have 40% off all items, including sale items and free delivery on orders over £5! Grab yourself even more of a bargain than I extra 10% off and you don't have to spend loads to get free delivery.

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