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Yet another gorgeous nude palette | Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

24 January 2014

Smashbox have well and truly delivered on their shade range in the Full Exposure palette. What appealed to me was the assortment of matte and shimmer shades. There are 7 shimmer shades ranging from a pale beige right through to a rich grey, and then 7 coordinating matte shades again ranging from a pale beige to a deep black.

This palette serves my love neutral eye make-up mixed up with the odd smoky eye day, it has everything that I need.

There are no fancy-schmancy names here for the different shadows, just S1, S2, S3... and M1, M2, M3...Here's the low down on the shades:

  • S1 - Chocolate Brown with Golden Shimmer
  • S2 - Deep Golden Brown with Golden Shimmer
  • S3 - Soft Gold with Gold and Silver Shimmer
  • S4 - Light Tan with Gold and Silver Shimmer
  • S5 - Golden Wheat with Gold Shimmer
  • S6 - Mid-Slate with Silver Shimmer
  • S7 - Rich Grey with Multi-Colour Shimmer
  • M1 - Warm Chocolate Brown
  • M2 - Mid-Tone Brown
  • M3 - Soft Mid-Tone Tan
  • M4 - Creamy Beige
  • M5 - Soft Light Taupe
  • M6 - Ashy Dark Brown
  • M7 - Suede Black
This palette looks gorgeous but for me the shimmer shades don't deliver...the glitter particles in all of them except S4 are quite large and scratchy. I find that the shimmer shades aren't very pigmented and the glitter tends to fall out quite a bit. As for the matte shades these perform better.

The addition of a dual-ended brush is a nice touch to this palette, and for once the brush is actually quite decent in comparison to the usual sponge applicators. The extra additions that came in the box with this palette are a real bonus...a travel size version of Smashbox's Full Exposure mascara and a handy guide on how to apply eyeshadow for you eye shape.

A lot of Boots stores are now selling Smashbox cosmetics so you might be able to pick this up in your local store. Alternatively you can find it on the Boots website here or order direct from Smashbox here for £36.

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