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An improvement to an old favourite | La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo[+]

20 February 2014

As soon as I heard that La Roche-Posay were launching a new, better version of the cult Effaclar Duo I knew that I had to have it. As you may know from my previous post "La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo | Treatment or Moisturiser?" I'm a big fan of the original version. It keeps my combination/oily blemish prone skin under control and over the many months that I have been using it I have noticed a real improvement in my skin.

Despite the original version controlling my blemishes and keeping shine at bay there were still ugly remnants of the old blemishes hanging around. I've not had a massive blemish for over a month but there were red marks still hanging around from some terrible post-Christmas skin. Enter the Effaclar Duo[+] its the original formula with an added ingredient, Procerad to fight those ugly marks that get left behind. This new key ingredient rebuilds the skin's surface and reduces hyperpigmentation to ensure that your skin gets back to looking at it's best quicker than ever.

I noticed an improvement in my skin within about a week, so don't go expecting miracles after the first use. It has improved my skin in so many ways, I have a reduced number of blemishes, when I do have them they are a lot smaller than they were and then afterwards they don't seem to linger for as long. I do prefer the the new version for beating active blemishes, to reduce the marks that they leave behind and it does this all whilst helping existing scarring. Love it.

Again like with the original I use it more as an all-over blemish treatment before my moisturiser, rather than purely a moisturiser. My skin is currently a bit dehydrated...its winter, I might reconsider this once the weather hots up  though. 

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