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Natural Spot Fighting Treatment | Indie Lee Blemish Lotion

19 February 2014

Indie Lee is a brand focussed on eco-friendly, natural products full of the finest natural ingredients. Finally I have found a spot buster that actually works and that is truly natural! My past experiences have been lotions and creams that burn, sting or tingle or natural remedies that just don't deliver.

The Indie Lee Blemish Lotion is very similar to the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion that I wrote about here. At the time when I bought the Indie Lee Blemish Lotion back in October it was roughly the same price as the Mario Badescu version but when I was doing my research for this post I found out that its gone up by £4 in the past few months! I'm not sure how this has been justified...but I do think that given the price difference I will be converting back to using the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion once this one runs out.

For me they are both just as good as each other, they're both really effective at treating blemishes. Literally as soon as  you feel the tingle or a little red bump appears dot this on with a cotton bud before bed and in the morning it will either have come to a whitehead or it will have greatly reduced in size. This product is a miracle worker for me.

Indie Lee have a few other interesting products that I want to try...the Squalane  Facial Oil and the Clearing Mask so keep an eye out as they might be appearing on the blog soon.

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