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The perfect duo | Face masks by Una Brennan - Super Facialist

22 February 2014

Recently I've been loving doubling up on face masks and having a real skin pampering session which my skin has thanked me for. I've found that these 2 masks from Super Facialist by Una Brennan compliment each other perfectly to give a cleansed and hydrated complexion that glows.

Firstly I give my pores a deep cleanse with the Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask. For only £8.99 this mask really punches above it's weight and it provides gentle, deep cleansing without over drying the skin. This clay mask is a light, thin clay that dries really quickly, and because it is quite light it washes off really easily without lots of tugging and scrubbing. It really does give you that squeaky clean feeling in under 10 minutes.

Despite the Tea Flower Purifying Mask not being too drying I still like to inject a bit of moisture back into my skin, particularly during these colder months. The Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask is perfect for all skin types, its formulated with sensitive skin in mind and despite it being intensely hydrating, its not oily. I find that it works best when it is applied after a deep cleansing mask as it can get to work on fresh, clean skin without dead skin cells and dirt getting in the way. This way it is really absorbed into the skin and I find that it gives me an amazing glow afterwards. It has a really strong rose scent which I happen to like, but if the smell of roses ain't for you then give this one a miss.

The whole Super Facialist range by Una Brennan is available in Boots stores and it really does perform like a high end range for a drugstore price.

Do you double up on your masks? What other masks would you recommend?

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