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Another Alpha-H QVC order

13 March 2014

Ladies...keep an eye out on QVC as there are definitely some deals to be had on there. I got this combo 3 piece-deal, which includes the Balancing Cleanser, a supersize Liquid Gold and the Absolute Eye Complex for only £32.00! Considering the 200ml Liquid Gold is £37 on it's own this was an absolute bargain.

These deals come and go very quickly, I snapped this one up whilst flicking through the tv channels late one night, I saw it, quickly grabbed my laptop and it was ordered within minutes... simple.

I've checked QVC's schedule for you all and Alpha-H will next be featured on the 24th March between 11pm and 12pm. In the meantime however you can check out what they have to offer online, they stock Elemis, bareMinerals, L'Occitane and of course Liz Earle.

In case you are interested in the products that are mentioned above here's a quick break down.

  • Alpha-H Balancing Cleaner with Aloe Vera | This is an all-round, simple cream cleanser suitable for all skin types. It removes eye make-up, make-up, cleanses and balances the skin all in one simple step. Its creamy and soft and manages to cleanse and balance without being dehydrating.
  • Alpha-H Liquid Gold | This cult beauty product goes supersize! It's much better value to buy this large version from QVC and it seems to be the cheapest place to get your hands on it. This product truly can transform your skin.
  • Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex | This one is a new product for me, to be honest I wasn't that bothered about it, it just happened to come with this deal and it was still such good value even if I didn't want the eye serum. Even after trying it, it's still a product that I'm not too fussed about, I prefer something with more of a creamy texture and this gel didn't really do anything for me.

When you take the prices of the items separately they should have been £94.50, so even after delivery I managed to save around £60! Keep an eye out on QVC ladies...

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