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It's time to up my skincare game in the serum department.

07 March 2014

Manuka doctor apinourish age defying serum

Manuka doctor apinourish age defying serum

Manuka doctor apinourish trial set of 3

I thought that it was about time to up my skincare game in the serum department and after trying a sample of the Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Age Defying Serum I knew I had to buy the full size and give it a go.

After only two uses when I had the sample I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin, the redness left over from blemishes was fading and my skin just looked a bit more even-toned and radiant. My skin is blemish prone and currently a bit dehydrated so this serum is perfect for me, super hydrating and nourishing, yet manuka honey, one of the key ingredients is naturally anti-bacterial and keeps the blemish causing bacteria in check.

The man active ingredient however in this serum is Purified Bee Venom and after some research of my own it seems like a super-skincare ingredient. In terms of acne it supports the healing process and its anti-inflammatory so it can helps to reduce and prevent it. The bonus is that Purified Bee Venom has tonnes of anti-ageing benefits too, nurtures cell regeneration, helps collagen formation, helps treat fine lines and wrinkles, activates the renewal of damaged skin cells and reduces any scarring.

All of the above benefits make this serum perfect for those of us still suffering from blemishes into our adult years, and those of us who still get blemishes despite having dehydrated and even dry skin.

You can order one of the mini sets of 3 products to try for free here, all you pay is £2.50 for the postage, so you can try before you buy. FYI the Rejuvenating Face Mask is amazing...turns a bad skin day into a good skin day.

Alternatively if you spend over £20 on you get the mini 'try me' set free also.

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