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22 March 2014

I scored the mother of all deals yesterday in The Body Shop. Let's not go into numbers but basically I managed to save twice as much as I spent. All I can say is...sign up to those emails from The Body Shop so that you're the first to know about deals and discounts. I've been known on numerous occasions to rush to The Body Shop in my lunch hour after an email popped into my inbox that morning. 

If you're a regular at The Body Shop too, I'd really recommend signing up to their Love Your Body membership scheme. You get 10% off all year round plus extra free gifts, sneak peaks and special events. The email that had me running to The Body Shop yesterday was in fact a 20% off member exclusive plus free gifts worth £30.50 if I spent over £25! Even though the above offer might not be relevant now The Body Shop always has deals on their website

So I'm sure you're itching to know a bit about the products...

My main reason to head to The Body Shop is skincare, and this time was no different. I've picked up a few staples which I've mentioned numerous times before on here, the Tea Tree Night Lotion, the Aloe Protective Serum and the Vitamin E Eye Cream. The Night Lotion helps to fade blemishes over time, the Protective Serum is a great basic serum, perfect for those with sensitive skin or for those trying out serums for the first time and the Vitamin E Eye Cream is a great basic eye cream for all skin types, particularly younger skin that doesn't need strong anti-ageing ingredients. 

Next up is a new one for me, the Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion, a lot of the moisturisers that I use don't have a built in sunscreen, so for day's when I was a quick and easy all in one product I thought that this would be a great option. I tried this out yesterday and I loved how it wasn't oily, but it was still quite hydrating and left my skin comfortable all day. Usually when I use my REN EverCalm moisturiser things can get really shiny after lunch time, but things were still fairly matte with a little dewiness right up to the end of the day with this one. 

This Facial Massager caught my eye whilst I was browsing the skin care section and I highly recommend picking one up. It's supposed to be used after moisturising as an extra step in your routine to help your moisturiser sink into your skin more and thus work more effectively. I've only used it a few times but it was so relaxing and it definitely gave my skin a bit of a glow due to the improved circulation. As for any longer term benefits - I'll keep you posted. 

So that was all that I actually bought, and then the other 4 products were my free gift with purchase. There's a few products in here that I've been wanting to buy for a while so resisting temptation has paid off this time. The Honeymania Body Butter is the biggest bargain, it's usual worth £13! It smells amazing and I've been wanting to try the Honeymania range since it came out so I was pleased to see this in there. Then there is the Elderflower Eye Gel, an unperfumed, cooling and refreshing eye gel. One for the summer maybe? Another product that is new to me... the Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel, this stuff smells gorgeous. I've never actually noticed this range before but it's definitely one to check out. Last up is the Shea Lip Butter, again not a product that I have actually tried before, but it has a lovely buttery texture.

What I liked so much about this free gift bag was that it was filled with 4 full size products, all of which I hadn't tried before so it was a great way for me to try them out without having to buy them. My mantra with the Body Shop is definitely to stock up on my skincare staples that I use nearly everyday whilst there are these amazing deals on as it saves me money in the long run and sometimes I get some amazing free gifts.

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  1. I love the Tea Tree night lotion and really want to try some of the Vitamin E range. That gift bag is amazing, such a good deal!


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