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Save the Blow Dry is back in a gorgeous new colour.

15 April 2014

Save the Blow Dry Shower Cap

For all of you who have the original 'Save the Blow Dry', it's back in a gorgeous new turquoise colour. This is definitely much more "me" than the bright pink version. For those of you who haven't heard of the Save the Blow dry shower caps, here's the low down.

This is by no means an ordinary shower cap, this moisture eliminating, huge shower cap is bound to be a hit with almost everyone.

For those who wash their hair every other day but shower everyday wear this in between hair-washes to keep your hair style intact. So often hair is ruined by humidity, heat and water in the shower, but the Save the Blow Dry shower cap consists of a waterproof outer layer and an innovative super-absorbent microweave layer inside to zap moisture away from your hair.

For those of you with long or thick hair don't worry about all of your hair fitting in, this shower cap is simply huge when compared to others out there.

For those of you who wash your hair everyday you may be saying "I don't need a shower cap" but I have been using mine turned inside out with a hair treatment on. This can help the treatment to work more effectively and it also stops the treatment from running off and getting everywhere.

As I mentioned I do wash my hair nearly everyday as it is fine, straight and thin and things get greasy and flat pretty quickly. Occasionally I have a no-hair-wash day on a Saturday and just rub in a bit of dry shampoo come Sunday morning if I'm having a lazy Sunday. But for the majority of the time I have no use for a shower cap.

That being said this shower cap has made using my pre-shampoo Philip Kingsley Elasticizer treatment a dream. I simply dampen my hair and split it  into large sections, then I work the treatment through the damp ends of my hair. I then turn my 'Save the Blow Dry' shower cap inside out, place it over my hair making sure everything is inside, and leave it for 20 minutes. This really has made a difference, as before I was trying to use cling film to keep the heat in and the treatment on my head for 20 minutes. Believe me this was messy and awkward...

You can buy Save the Blow Dry from for £14.95 plus a small shipping fee. Be sure to check out the pink version as well.

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