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Spring Clean Part 2.

24 April 2014

Welcome back to the second part in my Spring Clean series. This week I am going to focus on some of the good bits, the bedroom - clothes and accessories.


  • Take everything out of your wardrobe, yep everything, throw it all out onto your bed.
  • Try on every item of clothing, and create 4 new piles
    1. To throw away
    2. For Ebay/Charity
    3. Needs some TLC (e.g. buttons sewing on) 
    4. To keep
  • Throw it away if you a) haven't worn it in yonks b) it no longer fits c) its damaged beyond repair.
  • Sort through for the best stuff that someone else may want - donate this to family, a friend or throw it in the for Ebay/Charity pile.
  • Some people don't have the time or patience required to put many items on Ebay. Be realistic...if you don't get it online in the next 2 weeks, bag it up and send it to the charity shop. Lets face it, you'll just "never get round to it".
  • Same goes for the pile that needs some TLC-  if you're the kind of person who isn't likely to whip out a needle and thread, send these to the charity shop now, otherwise they'll sit in a to-do pile for months.

Organising your wardrobe:

So now that the amount you are trying to cram into your wardrobe should have reduced considerably organising it should be much easier.

It's up to you how you organise your clothes, whether that be by work/leisure wear, by type of item, or by colour it's up to you. I prefer to organise by types of items as I don't really have work specific clothes, and I don't have that many bright coloured clothes so organising by colour is a bit pointless.
  • Sort your clothes into different piles according to how you are organising your wardrobe
  • Make sure everything goes back into the wardrobe on appropriate hangers so that nothing is going to fall off, or be pulled out of shape by the hanger
  • For this reason I prefer to fold knitwear and store this in a drawer in the bottom of my wardrobe
  • Also for jeans I store these in a drawer as they don't really need to be hung up.

Organising your drawers:

I mainly use drawers to store items of clothing that aren't going to crease easily, as I said before this is jeans, jumpers and then some of my basic t-shirts.

I also use drawers to store underwear, socks and accessories. I find that the best way to store these if you have a big wide drawer is to use a drawer divider. I personally use this set from Ikea which is amazing value. For £6 you get 6 different sized boxes which you can use all in one drawer or just use a few of them in different drawers depending what you are storing. These are great for separating out underwear, socks and tights etc.

As for jewellery as you can see in the photo above I have a shallow drawer in my dressing table where I keep all of my necklaces and main items of jewellery. I have a few smaller boxes within this drawer to keep things organised. I like to keep the jewellery that I wear everyday in the clear MUJI unit at the front so that it is easy to find when I am rushing out the door in a morning.

When I lived with my parents I had multiple hooks on the inside of my wardrobe doors where I could hang necklaces and so that they were easy to see and find, but as I now have sliding wardrobe doors and in our rented flat we can't put hooks in the wall it will be living in the drawer for now.

In terms of cleaning out your jewellery, throw away anything that's broken, throw away anything that is discoloured and just anything that you really aren't going to wear any more. Sort out by type of item, have a place for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

Remember to check back next week for my skincare and makeup spring clean and storage post.

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