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The Best Lip Balm Ever.

10 April 2014

I wouldn't normally think that it was worth doing a whole post about a lip balm but this one is in a league of it's own. The Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm is reportedly sold somewhere in the world every 28 seconds. This cult favourite is like no other lip balm that I have tried, it is ultra-hydrating and rich yet it still manages not to be greasy and oily. The title of this post might seem like a bold claim but nothing else really seems to live up to it now, not in terms of soothing dry, chapped lips and making them soft and supple.

For me it is like a thick, creamy honey that you can use on your lips or even on areas of really dry skin. It has all the top simple yet effective ingredients in it that we have come to expect from French Skincare and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you try this product. 

Granted it may seem a little pricey... "£9.50 for a lip balm!" I hear you say, but watch out for the offers and deals online. Escentual frequently have discounts and deals running, which is when I bought mine. I managed to whip this one up whilst the French Skincare promotion was running and I got it for a third off, bargain. As the product is such a hydrating, thick rich cream you hardly need to use any, so this little glass pot is bound to last for absolutely ages. 

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