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Confessions of a Whistles Addict

10 May 2014

Things got a bit spendy last weekend so this weekend I am vowing not to leave my flat for fear that I may buy something else. But then again there is always online shopping...hmmm. Keep me away from my laptop! And phone...This was going to just be one post, but as I got writing I realised I had so much stuff to talk about that I have had to split it up into 3 parts.

These classic, leather bags are something that is never going to go out of fashion, particularly the black ones and for me they are definitely worth the investment as they are going to last forever.

My current favourites are my latest purchases, the bright coral highlighter neon small clutch and the matching card holder. They seem to flit in and out of stock on the website and currently the card holder isn't in stock but keep an eye out as they are gorgeous. The colour is going to be perfect for summer and is bound to brighten up any outfit.

Whistles bring out a few different shades of these clutch bags every season so if the current colours aren't for you check back in a few months and they might have added some more colours to their collection. Whilst finding links for this post I just noticed that they have these in a new cracked metallic silver colour...hmmm do I need this?

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