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Spring Clean Part 3.

06 May 2014

Sorry I missed this post last week, I took my own advice and had yet another Spring clean and this time it got serious. It resulted in basically a whole day being spent uploading things to Ebay...120 items! I can't believe I even had that much to throw away. Check it out here. (Just a note- some items are my mums and she is away until 19th May so they won't be able to be posted until then).

It's week 3 of the Spring Clean series and this week is all about skincare and makeup.

Where do you store  your skincare? 

Bathroom or bedroom? I personally store just the things that I need to in the bathroom, cleansers, manual exfoliators and masks, basically anything that requires me to wash it off with water. The rest such as toners, chemical exfoliators, treatments and moisturisers all stay in the bedroom. I've researched this and reportedly the heat and moisture in the bathroom can cause products to 'go-off' quicker. Talking of products 'going-off' here is the info on roughly how long we should be keeping opened products, some of this may surprise you.

  • Shower gel: 24 months
  • Shampoo: 24 months
  • Sunscreen: 12 months
  • Cleansers: 12 months
  • Serums: 6-12 months
  • Moisturiser: 12 months
  • Acne treatments: 24 months
Be wary of any natural/organic products as these won't contain the usual preservatives so they may not last as long. Remember if it doesn't smell or look like it did when you first bought it throw it out

The majority of my skincare, e.g. moisturisers, serums, treatments and eye creams are stored in the IKEA Alex in my bedroom. I have used the MUJI PP Storage Baskets to separate out different types of products so that everything is easy to find. If you're looking at the images thinking that there are a lot of moisturisers in there then you would be right...I still think that I am trying to find 'the one' for me. My skin is so changeable so I need something for every occasion and eventuality.

Makeup storage. 

I store the majority of my makeup in the IKEA Alex set of drawers in my bedroom. I have used MUJI PP storage baskets in various sizes to split everything up into sections. Any items that I want to use up or swap into my routine goes in the MUJI drawers on the top of the Alex. Then I have an everyday makeup bag with my current essentials in too.

Makeup also has recommended use by dates.
  • Foundation: 6 - 12 months 
  • Concealer: 6 -12 months
  • Powders (including blusher/bronzer): 6 - 24 months
  • Eye shadow (powder): 24 months | Eye shadow (cream): 6 months
  • Eye liner (pencil): 24 months | Eye liner (liquid): 3 months
  • Mascara: 3 - 6 months
  • Lipstick: 24 months
Anything that you've had open and been using for longer than the recommended time puts you at risk of infection from bacteria. To keep your makeup in tip-top condition make sure that you are regularly cleaning your brushes to stop oil transferring onto your powders etc. Check out this brush spot cleaner from The Pro Make Up Shop, or for a deeper clean try the ELF Brush Shampoo or some good old Dr Bronners liquid soap. Another product that I have found is this makeup antibacterial spray, again from the people at The Pro Make Up Shop (full review here). It's just genius! You just spray it onto your powders, leave it to dry and it removes all the bacteria from the surface of your compacts/eyeshadows etc.

Basically the message of this post is to throw away anything that is old- it may be harbouring harmful bacteria. Find a new home for skincare/makeup that you aren't going to use that is still in date. There is no point in keeping it.

After writing this post it spurred me on to do a beauty tidy-up. I should have taken the photos afterwards! Maybe that's a post for another time...

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