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Statement Necklace Loving.

13 May 2014

I went into Primark for some new cushions for our living room and I came out with these 4 gorgeous necklaces. I don't really wear a lot of other jewellery, but I love a big necklace. I tend to wear quite plain outfits so I find that a statement necklace just adds a bit of something extra. Even if I have a super casual outfit on of jeans, trainers and a plain tshirt, whip on a big statement necklace and suddenly the outfit looks a bit more presentable.

The gold chain fan necklace was £4 - absolute bargain, so then I obviously had to pick it up in silver too. Then beaded necklace with the cream rope was actually half price so it was £2 - even more of a bargain. Finally the black rope with gold necklace was the most expensive of the bunch at £5 but I've seen ones very similar in other shops for double this price - again bargain!

I'd really recommend heading to Primark if you're looking for some statement jewellery as they have some really nice bits in there right now. Sometimes I can go in and not see a single thing that I like, obviously that was not the case the other day.

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