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The perfect partner for drying acne treatments.

08 May 2014

I have been absolutely loving this moisturiser from Bioderma. It's the Sebium Hydra Moisturising Compensating Care for weakened acne prone skin. I had started using a pretty drying treatment for acne from my doctors months ago but after roughly 3-4 days I gave up as my skin was red, sensitive and every moisturiser that I used (even ones for sensitive skin) stung and burned so badly! Once my skin had got back on track (there were still blemishes but it wasn't red and sore) I tried it again, and sure enough after a few days I gave up.

Then I found this moisturiser and it changed everything! I did first try this moisturiser before I re-started the drying treatment and I found it to be quite greasy and sat on the skin for ages after so I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who just has oily/combination acne prone skin. This really is a moisturiser for skin that has become really dry and irritated from acne treatments. I found this particularly good to use around my eye area as this got really dry and the sensitive skin around the eyes and cheeks was where I had had problems with sensitive moisturisers/eye creams burning my skin.

This moisturiser is light, yet hydrating. It can seem a bit greasy at first, but after 10 minute my skin has been so dry it has literally all sunk in. The smell is what I really love, its like cucumbers so it really refreshes and awakens. I seriously cannot wait to moisturise my face with this by the end of the day when makeup has dried my skin up.

Anyone struggling with the cycle of oily, blemish prone skin transforming into dry, red inflamed skin needs this moisturiser! The combination of the drying gel from my doctor and this moisturiser has helped to balance my skin so much.

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