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Clarins Made-to-Measure Tan & the Clarins SALE Preview Sign Up

07 June 2014

Having blemish prone skin I have always struggled with self-tanning my face, every product that I have tried was oily, greasy and I was terrified of it breaking my skin out even more. My second concern was the colour, I'm rather pale and I was afraid of waking up with a streaky, orange face and having to go into work looking a complete mess.

When I heard that Clarins had released a made-to-measure tanning product that was non-comedogenic I bought it straight away. You simply add 1,2 or 3 drops of the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster into your regular moisturiser in the evening and by the morning you wake up with a natural, radiant glow, that isn't streaky or patchy at all.

This genius product from Clarins enables you to get the usual benefits from your moisturiser, whether that be spot-fighting, hydration or anti-ageing whilst adding a natural glow to the skin. I've heard good things about all of Clarins tanning products so I'm definitely going to be giving a few more of them a try.

This product seems to be out of stock everywhere online at the moment, so be sure to keep checking back as there is no mention of when stocks will be replenished.

Clarins are going to be having a sale shortly, so be sure to sign up to the sale preview online here to get the best picks of the sale as soon as it goes live.

Clarins, Clarins Sale Preview

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