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Massive Body Shop Haul

12 July 2014

Things got out of control about a week ago when The Body Shop had a 40% off everything sale going on, plus 40% off already discounted items in the sale. Now if you've been around here before you'll know that I have a few products from The Body Shop that I love and have been using for years, but in this haul I've branched out and there are a whole lotta' newbies that I am yet to try.

This haul is actually from 2 different online orders, admittedly only placed a day apart! I had been waiting for the new Vitamin E moisturiser to be released, but decided to order any way, then what happens the day after I's available online, typical.

This stuff smells amazing. It's not part of the permanent range so it only seems to roll around when there are sales on...much like my beloved Almond Body Butter, but this is definitely one to pick up when you next spot it. Both the Passion Fruit shower gel and the body butter disappeared offline when the sale ended but keep an eye out for them. They were a real bargain, £1.80 instead of £4 for the shower gel and £3 instead of £13 for the body butter.

The Vineyard Peach range is one of my favourites from The Body Shop. I've had the shower gel, the lotion, the body butter, the scrub and now this gorgeous Vineyard Peach body mist. This light and fresh fragrance is perfect for summer, a must have for peachy fragrance lovers.

Another sale pick, this Blueberry Body Scrub was limited edition so I don't know whether it will be available again any time soon, but the gorgeous jam-like consistency smells good enough to eat. For something similar try the Raspberry Body Scrub.

In the past I've only ever stuck to the eye cream from the Vitamin E range, but after hearing good things about the Vitamin E face mist I had to give it a go. This obviously lead me to browse the rest of the range and add a few more things to my basket.  The Vitamin E Cream Exfoliator is super creamy and gentle, yet had a slight exfoliating action gentle enough to use everyday. As for the Vitamin E Moisture Serum this is something I am yet to try, but keep an eye out for a review soon. It promises hydration and protection as well as smoothing the skin.

The Tea Tree Facial Wash isn't something that I have ever used on my face, for me it just looks like it would be a bit too harsh. However I have bough it whilst it was 40% off to clean my makeup brushes with, hopefully the added antibacterial benefits will be good for my skin.

I think that there are a lot of people out there who suffer from blemishes yet have a more dry/combination skin. This Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash is for you. This is my second tube of the stuff, it is really cooling and creamy so it doesn't strip the skin, yet your skin feel super clean afterwards. 

This is a blogger inspired purchase, nearly everyone seems to be raving about it so I wanted to give it a go. The Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil promising the remove makeup, be gentle enough for sensitive skin and leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed. I have used this a few times and whilst I felt that it did all of these, it removed my waterproof mascara like a dream, but 2 days on and I have gained a few large cystic blemishes on my cheek/jaw. I can't be certain that this oil caused them, but I'm going to give it a miss until they have cleared up and try again. It's very similar to the reaction I had to the Rosehip Oil I talked about in this post. Maybe oils just aren't for me...

Here are 2 new exciting releases from The Body Shop. Both of these have the innovative sorbet texture that is new to The Body Shop. There truly is no other way to describe it apart from Sorbet. I love it. The Strawberry Body Sorbet is light and cooling. The real winner in this haul and the product I had been waiting for the release of is the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet. A hydrating facial moisturiser that has a matte finish, sounds a bit too good to be true. Keep an eye out for a detailed review coming soon.

A new pair of exfoliating gloves was long overdue. These gorgeous coral pink pair are a step up from my dirty white pair that are stained with self tanner. I absolutely love the Early-Harvest Raspberry scent, I was going to buy the body butter, but as I own close to 10 body butters currently, I felt that the Raspberry Eau de Toilette was a better way to get a whiff of the scent. Then obviously I had to bump up my order to get the free delivery on the second order (does anyone else do this? Even though it means you end up spending more?). So this mini size Eau de Toilette in the Indian Night Jasmine scent made the cut, and I'm so glad it did as it smells gorgeous.

The Body Shop always have some amazing deals on, at any given time there are discounts, 2 for 1's or a sale so you always bound to find some real bargains. I paid roughly half price for all of this, so even though it seems like I bought a lot I saved a hell-of-alot too. Currently online there is a 'Buy 1 get 1 50% off' offer using the code SUMMER.

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