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The only palette you'll need.

21 October 2014

I'm back... I've not posted in a while, and I'm not promising that I'll post every day, because realistically I'm not, but I'm going to try to post when I can.

I've not bought an eyeshadow palette in so long and it's all because of this little beauty, the Too Faced Natural Eyes Collection. Since buying this I've not really wanted to use anything else. This compact tin contains 9 shades, ranging from light to dark, matte to shimmery... it has everything.

During September/October I have been away twice and this is the only palette I have needed with me, plus the tin casing has kept it extra safe and secure whilst travelling.

So if you're looking for an eyeshadow palette with a wide range of neutral shades that are matte, satin and shimmery then look no further.The addition of cute names (come on... cashmere bunny and honey pot - love it!), good quality creamy formula, and an added cheat sheet of looks you can create with the palette this really is one for your wish list.

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