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New range from The Body Shop - It's seductive and smoky

16 February 2015

The Body Shop has released a new fragrance and it's not their usually fruity combo. This seductive, smoky scent is thanks to the extract of oil-rich poppies, mix that with a few new products to the range and this is an exciting new release from The Body Shop.

I'll admit that when The Body Shop sent me these samples last month I wasn't too keen on them. I had a whiff of the shower gel in the bottle and I thought that it wasn't for me. However, the smell developed in the heat of the shower, it wasn't quite as intense and now I can't get enough of it.

There's a few new products added to this line up - the body massage oil and the bath bombs. Bath bombs are something that I thought The Body Shop would have been doing long ago. I'm sure they'd be a popular addition to their existing ranges and I'm hoping that they're going to start releasing them in some of their signature scents.

The Body Shop have really changed their game with this new range, it's more seductive, grown-up and sultry - a step away from their fun and fruity flavours (which I still love btw).

You can find the full Smoky Poppy range here.

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